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Unique expertise

Undisputed leader in phytotherapy and the widest range on the market, Arkocaps® offers more than 100 products capable of meeting the most individualized needs, and benefits from all the innovations of Arkopharma Laboratories. Always aiming to get the best out of nature, the botanical experts are constantly innovating by continually suggesting new plants.

100% of active ingredients preserved, it’s our obsession!

The manufacture of most of our Arkocaps® follows a sequential process that restores 100% of the plant’s active ingredients, preserving its quality and integrity. INTEGRAL TOTUM thus enables the entire molecular complexity of the plant to be restored. A look at the different manufacturing stages of INTEGRAL TOTUM.



Stage 1 . Stage 2 . Stage 3 . Stage 4 . Stage 5
Fresh plants harvested at perfect maturity

The quality of the Arkogélules® relies on the plants initially selected being of impeccable quality themselves. Otherwise their composition can vary greatly from one year to the next, depending on climate conditions, harvest periods, soil type, and so on. Once a plant has been identified, checks are performed to verify its quality (botanical and physiochemical identification, check for foreign elements, etc.) and safety.

For plants that do not grow in France, Arkopharma prefers to obtain its supply from countries that have the best growing conditions for them.

Close collaboration with the plant producers makes it possible to harvest the plants at perfect maturity while adhering to strict specifications, guarantees of quality and traceability. Every year, more than 120 plant species are harvested by Arkopharma across some 40 countries worldwide.
Drying the plants

Medicinal plants are rarely used in their fresh state. When a plant is cut, it wilts quickly and enzymatic degradation takes place (hydrolysis, oxidation, polymerization).

Maintaining the integrity of the constituents as they exist in the fresh plant can only be achieved by implementing a fast and appropriate drying process. Furthermore, this process prevents the proliferation of bacteria and mold on the plants.

Drying is therefore THE optimal preservation process. It eliminates water from the plant without altering its constituents.
Steam treatment to eradicate any bacteria

Steam treatment to eradicate any bacteria for whole plants (before cryogenic grinding and making into a powder), allows the preservation of all the plant’s characteristics (color, organoleptic properties, active ingredients, etc.).

Steam treatment provides effective results, to meet the strictest microbiological criteria and to comply with regulations (and beyond!).
Cryogenic grinding

In order to obtain plant powders that preserve 100% of the active ingredients of the original plant, we have to ensure that these constituents are retained and protected throughout the entire manufacturing process. Cryogenic grinding is a high-performance process that preserves all the constituents and thus maintains the synergy that operates between them.

It’s important to know that, in the case of traditional grinding, the high temperatures produced can damage or even destroy the most fragile molecules. In contrast, cryogenic grinding preserves the plant’s components throughout every stage of manufacture. The key element is nitrogen, which also protects plants against the effects of contact with the air, which would otherwise lead to decomposition via oxidation.

What are the benefits of very low temperatures? Nitrogen, which is chemically inert and naturally present in the air, protects the plant’s components against oxidation due to contact with the air, and the cold temperatures prevent any decomposition caused by the mechanical heat energy produced during traditional grinding. Furthermore, by lowering the temperature, nitrogen helps freeze the plant, which becomes easier to crush, resulting in a more effective grinding process.

At the end of the cryogenic grinding process, a perfectly fine and homogeneous powder is collected, the total powder, or plant totum, also called INTEGRAL TOTUM.
Packaging in plant-based capsules

As part of a consistent approach, Arkopharma has chosen to use capsules derived from plant fibers, from species of pine and spruce.


INTEGRAL TOTUM for synergy of action

Total plant powder, called “totum,” is a fundamental ingredient in Phytotherapy: the whole plant includes a multitude of active and inert components that act in synergy with each other. Some strengthen the effects of others, some correct the disadvantages or side effects of others.

Total plant powder, called “totum,” is a fundamental ingredient in Phytotherapy: the whole plant includes a multitude of active and inert components that act in synergy with each other. Some strengthen the effects of others, some correct the disadvantages or side effects of others.

Arkocaps® are market leaders in plant gel capsules and their strength comes from a refined production methodépuré: offering plants that have undergone minimal processing.

The laboratory wishes to combine a plant, known for its properties, with a specific indication and provide an effective, natural and complete solution in everyday life.

Arkocaps®, the guarantee of perfect quality

In addition to the raw materials, all Arkocaps® products comply with precise specifications and are subjected to rigorous controls at every stage of their manufacture:

  • Control of agricultural conditions: selection of harvesting sites and compliance with harvesting standards, monitoring of plants on delivery (macroscopic and chromatographic identification);
  • Quality of the plant of origin: monitoring for pesticides and heavy metals;
  • Quality of the Arkocaps®: organoleptic, microbiological and physiochemical analyses.

To ensure perfect quality (and safety), the entire Arkopharma Laboratories production site meets the ISO 22000 requirements for dietary supplements and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for medicinal products.

From the rigorous selection of plants to the quality control of the product, via optimal manufacturing technology, Arkopharma thus makes every effort to offer products of impeccable quality while making sure to preserve the integrity of the plant.