Offer everyone a deeper and lasting well-being

At Arkopharma, we know that most everyday ills can be relieved with natural solutions. Born in the Alpes Maritimes and guided by an infinite passion for medicinal plants, we have been working since 1980 to share the benefits of this natural medicine with the greatest number.


Our history

Our story began in the early 1980s when Doctor Max Rombi, keen on herbal medicine, decides to devote himself entirely to his passion: medicinal plants. As early as 1982, Dr. Rombi revolutionized the phytotherapy market by offering plants in capsules. Bulk plants then become pre-dosed forms, easier to use, and whose activity is guaranteed and reproducible.

Since then, this passion for medicinal plants has only strengthened and is part of our mission, both militant and grateful to nature.

Zoom on our mission

At Arkopharma, we want to do natural medicine, the medicine of tomorrow. Effective, more respectful of the body and its balances, better tolerated. We want it to be the primary choice of consumers and health professionals, to prevent and relieve everyday ills.

Because, in Arkopharma, we think that nature has an extraordinary intelligence, and that combined with our modern pharmaceutical science, it can still be increased. Since its birth, our pharmaceutical laboratory and our researchers have been working to transform this intelligence into natural solutions for your health, by combining science, creativity and perfect safety, with respect for our environment. To offer each of us, on a daily basis, a deeper and more lasting well-being: the possibility of living our lives fully.

Our mission

Our values: natural and immutable

Our values ​​guide our actions on a daily basis and constitute a common base that all of our teams, around the world, share and undertake to respect.

Arkopharma reaffirms its attachment to these strong values ​​shared by all employees:

  • Human and respect
  • Expertise and Excellence
  • Passion and commitment

Consult our institutional documents:

Arkopharma Group Ethics Charter 
Arkopharma Partners Ethics Charter
Alert procedure for collecting and handling complaints
Anti-corruption policy