Informations on cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file saved on your computer, tablet or cellphone when you browse the Internet, and therefore the sites of the Arkopharma Pharmaceutical Laboratories group.

The file is used to temporarily store anonymous information about your use of the website. It allows us to optimize our sites based on the information collected when you browse them.

Which cookies do we use?

On Arkopharma Group sites, we use cookies to:

  • Measure the traffic on our various sites,
  • Ensure browsing security,
  • Collect statistics in order to optimize site features and tailor the content to your areas of interest,
  • Allow videos to play,
  • Save your personal information entered in our forms to process various requests,
  • Save your personal information entered in our forms to process various requests,
  • Allow you to stay logged in to your account when authentication is required (e.g. the Pharmacist spaces site).

Cookies used on our site

  • Google Analytics: Assigns a unique identifier (via the __utma cookie) to each visitor of an Internet page. Therefore, a single visitor is assigned the same identifier for each visit and will not be counted twice.
  • These cookies are placed by the company AddThis, which provides the share buttons for social networks that display the site.
  • Identity cookie: Identification of web user when logging in to Arkopharma Group sites Pharmacist space and Arko ambassadors (sites reserved for healthcare professionals).

Cookies issued by third parties

Some third-party companies may issue their cookies via computer applications (social networks, Flash) accessible on our sites.

The issue and use of these cookies by these third-party companies are subject to the policies specific to these companies.

Cookies posted on third-party sites

We are liable to promote our activities and/or offers on third-party sites.

These cookies are mainly intended to present content to you that is tailored to your areas of interest, and to count views of our content.

Owners of such sites may integrate a cookie on your computer, tablet or cellphone.

We do not manage the integration of these cookies and have no control over them. For such matters, we advise you to consult the cookie policies of the owners of these sites.

Cookie settings

Web browsers are generally configured by default to accept cookies. However, you can decide to enable or disable cookies in your browser.

For more information on cookie settings, visit the following sites:
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