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Our organization : Scientific, Expert and 100% Committed

Our organization


Led by a multidisciplinary and passionate steering committee, the Arkopharma Institute relies on an independant scientific council composed of committed experts from the academic, medical and pharmaceutical world. This scientific board is the guarantor of the scientific value, ethics and diversity of the Arkopharma Institute's work.

The Scientific Council

Led by a multidisciplinary steering committee, the Arkopharma Institute is supported by a Scientific Council composed of :

  • Doctor Patrick AUBE, general practitioner in Pont l’Abbé ;
  • Professor Jean-Pierre OLIVES, pediatrician and gastroenterologist in Toulouse ;
  • Laurent MIFSUD, Doctor of Pharmacy, holder in Draguignan ;
  • Doctor Daniel SCIMECA, phytotherapist and homeopathic physician ;
  • Sylvain CAULA, Doctor of Pharmacy and naturopath


Doctor Patrick AUBE

Docteur Patrick AUBE

General practitioner in Pont l’Abbé.

Professor Jean-Pierre OLIVES

Professeur Jean-Pierre OLIVES

Pediatrician and gastroenterologist in Toulouse. 

Doctor Laurent MIFSUD

Docteur Laurent MIFSUD

Doctor of Pharmacy, holder in Draguignan.

Doctor Daniel SCIMECA

Docteur Daniel Scimeca

Phytotherapist and homeopathic physician.

Sylvain CAULA

Sylvain Caula

Doctor of Pharmacy and naturopath.

The steering committee

  • Mr J. PETIT : Marketing Manager for Natural Therapies ;
  • Doctor P. BRUEL : Director of Research & Development ;
  • Mrs C. REYNOUARD : Natural Therapies Communication Manager ;
  • Doctor I. SOCQUET (pharmacist) : Medical and Corporate Training Director ;
  • Doctor L. PRIOU (pharmacist) : Head of Health Professionals Relations ;
  • Mrs A. QUINQUENEL : Communication and Scientific Documentation Manager.

The Arkopharma Institute is composed of men and women sharing the same concerns: to make natural medicine the medicine of tomorrow, to transmit our knowledge and to engage in research projects to develop and strengthen new natural and sustainable therapeutic approaches.