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Imagining the products of the future

Imagining the products of the future

An innovative spirit is one of the elements that defines Arkopharma Laboratories. Driven by its motto “The best of nature’s wisdom for your health,” the Group strives day after day to make natural medicine the medicine of the future, and is committed to offering effective, innovative healthcare solutions.

Innovation in our genes

Over 40 years ago, Dr. Max Rombi founded Arkopharma thanks to a major innovation: the phytotherapy in capsule form.

At that time, phytotherapy was stagnant in France. Arkopharma Laboratories was determined to obtain official recognition for phytotherapy in France, and developed a product range in capsule form.

Right from the start, research was part of the Group’s genetic make-up, and quickly became one of the keys to its success. Fully aware of the multiple possibilities offered by nature, Arkopharma’s Research and Development Division built on its breakthrough and kept a close eye on scientific progress regarding the potential benefits of the plant world. It found surprising new ways of administering the healing power of nature in other forms, such as tablets, vials and essential oils.

In this way, Arkopharma looked to nature for inspiration on how to innovate and make the most of its richness, taking every care to reproduce its richness with the greatest respect for nature and people.

An increasing number of studies conducted on the “plant brain” highlighted the unique power of the Totum. Arkopharma has always believed in the wisdom of the plant world, and has turned that wisdom into its credo. The most poignant example of this scientific progress is INTEGRAL TOTUM. The notion that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” taken up by Arkopharma and applied to the plant world, revealed the powerful active synergy that operates between plant substances.

 To find out more, take a look at The plant totum: 1+1 > 2


Thanks to its constant desire to innovate and its relentless quest to ensure the highest level of excellence in terms of quality, Arkopharma quickly became the market leader in phytotherapy in France. The scientific value of its products has been officially recognized, since Arkopharma has numerous Marketing Authorizations / phytotherapy medication registrations, awarded by the French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM).

At present, bearing in mind that 53% of people in France and 60% in Spain claim that the natural aspect is an important criteria when choosing their healthcare products1, Arkopharma is reinventing phytotherapy to meet the aspirations of these millions of women and men, and is constantly pushing the boundaries of science in order to offer everybody a deeper rooted, longer lasting sense of well-being.

How is Arkopharma innovating in the health sector?

Because science is essential to innovation in the health sector, Arkopharma has always placed strong emphasis on research. Its Research and Innovation model is based on cross-domain expertise, including, in particular, plant-based research and mastery of natural and biological active ingredients, combined with research into formulations and constant surveillance of developments in all the relevant fields.

Understanding consumer habits and expectations is the key to successful innovation. With this in mind, an “Insights and Innovation” team was created in 2015. This team is attentive to the needs of consumers and questions thousands of people across Europe every year about their diverse health issues. The results of these surveys provide the raw material for ideation, a creative process that brings together teams from various disciplines (experts, researchers, doctors, pharmacists) with the aim of stimulating creativity to develop new ideas and explore new concepts.

Arkopharma’s strength in terms of innovation results from a combination of extreme sensitivity to consumer needs and an outstanding level of scientific expertise, leading to the development of incredibly innovative, natural solutions.



1 Source: U&A Ipsos survey of 3,000 people – France & Spain – January 2016