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a story rich in innovations

2016, an outstanding year for innovation

8.5% of the personnel employed by Arkopharma Laboratories are assigned to Research and Development. This figure reflects the importance the Group places on the discovery of new active ingredients, to offer the very best phytotherapy solutions in terms of quality, efficacy and safety.

Innovation: key figures

Products under development

Products under development

50 products undergo development every year;



Over 20 innovations every year;

Consumer surveys

Consumer surveys

Over 40 consumer surveys per year, with more than 7,000 people questioned across Europe.

Duoflash, for a two-phase boost

As part of its constant commitment to innovation, Arkopharma Laboratories has developed Duoflash, the 1st range of “CAP in CAP” capsules (1 capsule inside another capsule) offering a unique combination of essential oils and plants, for a two-phase release:

Phase 1

Essential oils are “flash-released” for an instant boost effect.

Phase 2

Plants are released gradually for a longer-lasting effect.

Duoflash® is based on two patented technologies (CAP in CAP and the DR CAPS capsule) and a 100% plant-based formula. The perfect combination of scientific innovation and natural healing.

Arkorelax Sleep, for peaceful nights and a gentle wake-up

Our body and mind both need time to replenish their resources, which is why good-quality sleep is essential for good health.

As they worked to formulate Arkorelax Sleep, Arkopharma Laboratories faced a major challenge: meet the two essential needs of people suffering from sleep issues: a better night’s sleep and an easy wake-up without drowsiness!

Building on the properties of certain plants that are recognized for their positive effect on our ability to fall asleep and on the quality of our sleep, they developed Arkorelax Sleep, a formula requiring just one capsule per day, which combines 5 plant extracts with melatonin and vitamin B6.

A totally non-habit forming solution for peaceful nights and a gentle wake-up!