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Reducing our Environmental Footprint

Reducing our Environmental Footprint

As a manufacturer of medications, cosmetics and dietary supplements made from natural raw materials, Arkopharma Laboratories is committed to producing our whole product line in a way that is environmentally friendly and respects health and safety at work.

Our Commitment to Safety and the Environment

As we are aware of the pharmaceutical industry's responsibility to the outside world, our Safety & Environment commitment is a factor for internal progress and an asset in our relations with our partners.

The Arkopharma Group's general policy in terms of safety and the environment includes the principles of risk reductionpollution prevention and business management as a responsible company with a CSR focus, in terms of both employees and nature.

This commitment is conveyed in all company operations. As such, by rethinking the way we promote our products we were able to halve our paper consumption in 2015, thus saving 100 tons of paper.

Environmental Protection at the Heart of Production

The Arkopharma Group, still within the context of its Safety & Environment commitment, is continuing to enhance its involvement in the control of environmental impact, monitoring the safety conditions of facilities and equipment, preventing accidents and improving working conditions.

This commitment is based on sharing information (which is ever increasing) within the company. The success of this policy is based on the desire and responsibility of the men and women of Arkopharma to integrate risk management and share it with all stakeholders involved in the Group's operations.

The company is excelling in product development activities and manufacturing processes thanks to the existence of a synergy between the notions of safety, the environment, production and quality.

Group Management is in charge of this process and all the company departments implement it daily. They are supported by the Safety & Environment department, which provides expertise, and have additional support from the Health and Safety Committee and the occupational health physician.

    Observing Regulations

    Due to our many different operations, Arkopharma Laboratories is subject to various regulations and standards, which are the foundation of our Safety & Environment action and policy. The Group's regulatory benchmark is mainly based on the French Labor Code, the French Environment Code and French legislation on Facilities Classified for Environmental Protection (ICPE).

    These regulations require routine comprehensive inspections of production sites classified by the public authorities.

    To comply with the regulatory provisions before the deadlines, Arkopharma also tries to start a proactive approach as soon as possible.

    Arkopharma Laboratories' Environmental Challenges

    Arkopharma Laboratories' environmental policy aims to minimize the impact on the environment by ensuring the health and safety of staff. To achieve these goals, the Group is committed to real action: