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A quality charter & an organic label

Thanks to their unique know-how, Arkopharma Laboratories has developed Arkokids Organic: the first range of ORGANIC 100% plant-based drinkable solutions, for children ages one and up.

The Arkokids Organic Range Quality Charter

100% plant-based

Arkopharma is committed, through a quality charter specific to this range, to provide families with high-quality products.

  • Formulas designed by our phytotherapy experts.
  • 100% plant-based composition, controlled high-quality plants and raw materials derived from organic farming.
  • Free from preservative, sweetener, colouring and synthetic flavouring*.
  • Made in France in our factory in Carros.

The intention and commitment of Arkopharma Laboratories to comply with these criteria is expressed concretely by the implementation of benchmarks and certifications present at all stages of manufacture of the products described below.

Arkokids Organic, a Range Derived From Organic Farming

Champs de culture

Organic farming meets consumer expectations in terms of health and quality. Its production method makes it possible to obtain products with proven health-related and nutritional qualities. It is a commitment to the well-being of future generations and is at the heart of sustainable development.

According to Agence BIO, 9 out of 10 French people (89%) consumed organic products in 2015.

  • 82% of organic product consumers do so for their health and that of their children
  • 63% in order to preserve their health
  • 56% for the quality and taste of the products
* In accordance with EU regulations in force regarding organic production methods.