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Offering a Healthy, Safe Working Environment

Offering a Healthy, Safe Working Environment - Arkopharma

For several years, Arkopharma Laboratories has been committed to developing, producing, distributing and selling innovative products of the highest quality, adopting ethical behavior, and guaranteeing the health and safety of our staff and customers and the environment in which they work.

A Constant Concern for Employee Safety

Arkopharma Laboratories wants to provide a healthy, safe workplace for our staff. The main objective is to have a zero accident rate and to limit arduous working conditions as much as possible in the workplace.

The Group takes all action required to comply with the legal provisions and regulations on health and safety. In addition, protecting the health and safety of employees is a priority for Arkopharma and is an integral part of the CSR policy for the Group.

With the aim of improving safety in the workplace, Management is therefore pursuing its policy on managing occupational risks to improve working conditions and prevent occupational accidents and illnesses, arduous working conditions and psycho-social risks.

There is collaboration with the various stakeholders, such as the Occupational Health, Safety & the Environment and Human Resources departments, specialist external consultants, the Health and Safety committee and all Group employees.

Improving Safety at Work and Limiting Arduous Working Conditions

To optimize working conditions and therefore reduce the risks of occupational illnesses, Arkopharma Laboratories is also committed to an approach involving the ergonomic analysis of workstations in the company. Ergonomists external to the company regularly conduct this work on around 30 different workstations.

The ergonomists may be involved at the design stage (of the object, workstation, facility, workshop, process, etc.) or in rectifying a workstation further to an occupational accident or illness. They may also be involved in adjusting a workstation to adapt to an operator disability or when the objectives set by the company are not met (poor quality or productivity, etc.).

On the other hand, in-depth workstation analysis is conducted by arduous working conditions consultants.

Protecting Human Health in Numbers


Safeguarding employment

17 people benefited from safeguarding employment in 2016.


Reducing accidents

34% reduction in occupational accidents between 2014 and 2016.

working conditions

Improving working conditions

Over €1M spent on improving working conditions.