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Managing and Recycling Waste

Managing and Recycling Waste - Arkopharma

For several years, Arkopharma Laboratories has been implementing an ambitious waste management policy. It goes beyond regulatory compliance and preventing human risks to the environment. It is based on waste prevention, recycling and reuse.

Waste, a Resource to be Recycled

As per the provisions of the  Grenelle Environment Forum, and as per the principle of waste treatment prioritization, recycling, waste material recovery and then energy recovery must be implemented before thinking of its disposal. Recycling waste to extract new resources is one of Arkopharma Laboratories' strategic aims.

Recovering resources from waste is referred to as recycling. It refers to all operations performed on an object considered to be useless to make it useful once again. Recycling is used to produce:

  • a new material,
  • a new product of equal or better quality.

In a context of tension as regards the supply of raw materials, there is a critical environmental, social and economic challenge to consume as few resources as possible. This means reducing the use of resources for a single production run, producing goods that last as long as possible and, at end of life, ensuring the products are recyclable in later cycles.

Arkopharma, Effective Waste Management

Taking account of the multi-disciplinary nature of the Group, the waste from our operations is very varied. Ongoing work to identify and classify this waste is therefore conducted by the Safety & Environment department to find suitable treatment channels and optimize the costs related to its management.

Efforts to improve management is also a key point that links economic development and environmental concerns.

Over the past few years, Arkopharma has had an increased focus on modernizing waste management by increasing recycling. According to its physical and chemical properties, waste is sent to recovery1, recycling or disposal channels in authorized treatment facilities.

Thanks to the action taken, Arkopharma is now able to treat and redirect almost all our waste to recycling or recovery channels. Since 2013, the amount of waste from Arkopharma Laboratories has decreased by an average of 14% per year. In addition, over de 50% of waste is recycled.


1 The recovery process enables waste to be transformed with the aim of being used for recycling, composting or turned into energy.