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Extracting the best from nature

Extracting the best from nature

A source of inspiration, exploration and beauty, nature is at the heart of the Arkopharma Group’s business model. For over 35 years, Arkopharma has been scouring the world to find the plants that form the basis of its product compositions. As a result of its efforts, over 600 species have so far been purchased in 40 countries throughout the world.

How do we purchase the plants we need?

We obtain our plants in one of two ways: cultivation (sowing, planting, cutting) or collection in the wild.

The plants we grow are easy to monitor and have the advantage of producing homogeneous crops: same variety, large planting area, identical amount of sun exposure. We are also able to choose the most suitable cultivation and harvesting methods: weeding, mechanical harvesting, ventilation drying (for eschscholzia, lemon balm, valerian, lavender, etc.). They offer total traceability and quality checks are easier to perform.


Arkopharma supports plant cultivation by joining forces with inter-professional organizations such as the ITEIPMAI (Inter-professional technical institute for fragrant, medicinal and aromatic plants).

Plants collected in the wild represent half of all the plants sourced by Arkopharma. The plants we collect thrive naturally in a range of geographical areas of varying sizes and extremely diverse environments. They grow in the midst of other species. They are picked by local residents (African tribes in Namibia for Harpagophytum and Amazonian tribes for Guarana in Brazil, for example). We also have collectors to handpick certain European varieties, such as poppies, hawthorn, etc.

Arkopharma Laboratories keeps a close watch on its collection networks, to make sure that the very best harvesting techniques are used. A set of European provisions defines best practices for plant cultivation and harvesting.

To guarantee the identity and overall quality (foreign bodies and concentration of active ingredients) of the raw materials, Arkopharma Laboratories purchases the entire plant.

What tests are carried out on the plants sourced?

At Arkopharma, the laboratory in charge of testing the plants we source applies the following analytical techniques:

Identification tests
including macroscopic, microscopic and chemical tests, to make sure the plant in question is the right one;

Physico-chemical tests
are used to check certain parameters such as correct drying and cleaning of any soil remaining on the plant;

Concentration of the characteristic active ingredients
(flavonoids, essential oils, anthocyanosides);

Checks for signs of contamination
such as pesticides, heavy metals, etc.;

Microbiological analyses
to ensure that our products meet all the applicable health standards.


The traceability of our raw materials in a few figures

Stringently-controlled quality

Stringently-controlled quality

100% of our plants undergo quality inspections: search for contaminants, heavy metals, etc... 

Certified royal jelly

Certified royal jelly

100% of our royal jelly is certified by the Apiculture Responsable" [responsible apiculture] label.

European preference

European preference

Almost 50% of our plants are sourced in Europemainly from France.