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Arkofluides® Organic

Your feedback and questions

You, our consumers, are our main focus and your satisfaction is essential if we are to achieve our goal: your well-being. This is why we regularly assess your satisfaction. Thank you for giving us a satisfaction rate of 91%[1] for the Arkofluids® Detox Program!

A selection of French consumers had the chance to try the Arkofluids® Detox Program for 30 days. Find out about their opinion!


felt an improvement in their general well-being thanks to the Arkofluids® Detox Program [1]


reported feeling better in their body thanks to the Arkofluids® Detox Program [1]


were satisfied with the Arkofluids® Detox Program [1]

[1] Results taken from a representative sample of the French population (491 people) who followed the Arkofluids® Detox Program for 30 days.


We answer your questions

This area shows you the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Arkofluids® products. It is regularly updated.