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Guaranteed “Made in France”

Guaranteed “Made in France”

In order to reinforce the development of its activities and achieve the highest level of Excellence, the Group has invested heavily in its industrial site located in Carros, France. This decision illustrates the commitment undertaken by governance board Arkopharma Laboratories to concentrate industrial production in France, building on the international renown and high quality associated with the “Made in France” label.

Why produce in France?

The “Made in France” stamp is a genuine guarantee of technical expertise (know-how, compliance with regulatory requirements, etc.) and societal and environmental standards (safeguarding of local jobs, respect for working conditions and the environment, etc.).

Development of “Made in France” innovation and know-how therefore constitutes a priority for Arkopharma Laboratories. This decision to manufacture our products in France means that we are:

  • in line with labor standards that respect employee rights (job security, working conditions, etc.);
  • compliant with French and European standards that guarantee the highest levels of product quality and safety;
  • respectful of the environment, by limiting transport requirements.

Arkopharma products, in all our divisions, are designed and developed by the Group’s pharmacists and engineers in France, on the Carros site. As a result, everybody benefits from Arkopharma innovations and technology. French design, which means that we have full control over all the design and quality management stages, and can offer products with ever-increasing reliability.



In addition, thanks to its geographical proximity to its various French and European partners, the laboratories can react quickly whenever necessary and meet their needs as effectively as possible. Arkopharma is ideally located on the outskirts of Nice, not far from Nice Côte d’Azur airport, which means it is able to dispatch its products quickly and easily both within Europe and further afield.

To be able to declare itself a French manufacturer is also a source of satisfaction and pride for Arkopharma, which, at its own level, is contributing to its country’s economic and industrial growth, while at the same time reducing its environmental footprint.

High-performance industrial sites renowned for their excellence

In addition to Arkopharma’s attachment to the Provence region (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur: PACA), the decision to base its production activities in the south of France guarantees, above all, that the Group has more comprehensive, integrated control over the supply chain, from the sourcing of components right up to customer delivery, for products with pharmaceutical status as well as for dietary supplements and medical devices.

The Carros industrial site currently represents:

1,4 billion capsules a year
400 tons of plants
vial unicadose

At the same time as it consolidated its industrial activities on its historical site of Carros, in the Alpes-Maritimes region, the Group also launched an ambitious investment program of several million euros. This geographical consolidation means that the R&D and Marketing teams, thanks to their proximity, are able to optimize the product development process and get products onto the market more quickly.

By working all together, thanks to the contribution of each individual, we are able to move forward on the path to operational Excellence, and offer high-quality products and innovative formulation solutions that meet everyone’s needs.”  

Dominique Cotteaux, Head of Operations Division

Work has also been carried out on the flexibility of our industrial facilities, resulting in the implementation of new production processes, such as delayed differentiation. Employee safety and improved working conditions to reduce the impact of difficult tasks were also taken into consideration during this work.  

Finally, as part of the Group’s continuous improvement policy, key performance indicators have been put in place.