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Arkopharma, brevet déposé 2017

Arkopharma has filed a patent as a result of its development of an innovative analytical process for reliably assessing the genotoxic potential of plant-based preparations containing free flavonols. Registered under number 1661745, the patent was filed following advanced research conducted by an R&D team at Arkopharma Laboratories.

These scientists developed a completely innovative process to meet the initial request of the French health authorities, the French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM), and in order to assess the genotoxic potential of plant-based medicines as per the regulatory marketing framework. This new analytical process demonstrates in particular the sole accountability of free flavonols (quercetin, kaempferol) in the positive testing of a plant-based preparation observed in the Ames test (total—not partial—contribution of free flavonols).

It is therefore now used by Arkopharma to reliably assess the genotoxic potential of plant-based preparations containing free flavonols and to ensure that these preparations do not raise genotoxic concerns for consumers.

The development of this process and the filing of the patent once again demonstrate the expertise of Arkopharma Laboratories and its teams, as well as their commitment to designing products offering all the quality and safety guarantees to be expected from a pharmaceutical laboratory.

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