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Training and Planning for Future Needs

Training and Planning for Future Needs - Arkopharma

Training, the pillar of professional development, meets two challenges: helping to develop the skills required for company progression and meeting individual employee career expectations.

Training to Support Professional Development

To meet our development objectives, Arkopharma Laboratories needs a Human Resources team able to identify, attract, train and win over the best talent to coordinate future business. The sustainable growth of the laboratories is partly based on planning ahead for training needs for all operations and on developing talent.

As it is directly linked to corporate commitments, priority was given to supporting change with the implementation of a large-scale training plan, placing Humans at the heart of the process. As such, between 2015 and  2016, investment in training1 increased by 135%.

Launched in February 2016, the Arkopharma Laboratories training plan will last two years and affect around 483 employees. This project, designed and organized with the partner B-Flower, is focused on meeting the following objectives:

  • Giving managers the keys to bring about change within the teams,
  • Standardizing managerial practices,
  • Aligning the company strategy,
  • Promoting sharing and communication between departments.

In the field, Arkopharma training is organized into 5 modules, planned to cover the following subjects (COACH method):

  • Communicating: Raising awareness on the DISC method2 + training and practical implementation;
  • Organizing: Organizing the department, teams and projects and management by objectives,
  • Animating teams: Effectively running meetings and knowing how to adapt a managerial approach to all types of employee,
  • Constructing motivation: Knowing how to motivate or re-motivate teams,
  • Helping build skills: Coaching an employee, passing on knowledge and improving the level of a team for increased effectiveness.

In addition to these modules, quizzes are regularly sent to participants to maintain enthusiasm. An ambitious training plan supports and raises employee awareness on new Group challenges.

Mobility: a Personal Approach

Mobility, the cornerstone of the career management policy, is a gage for development and a real priority for Arkopharma Laboratories.

In a company working in a very competitive market, change is natural and primarily requires the people involved. The Arkopharma Group must therefore have the best skilled individuals at all times, in all business areas.

Throughout their professional careers, employees are encouraged to build on their skills to achieve their professional ambitions. Supported by their managers, who help them define and prepare their mobility plans, employees are actively involved in their own mobility. 

Internal mobility accounts for 56.25% of recruitment for Arkopharma Laboratories. 

During annual appraisals, employees are invited to express their desires for development and can consult job offers at any time and contact Group managers via the intranet.



1 Teaching costs only, including the cost of management training with B-Flower.

2 Behavioral understanding and analysis model.