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Staying close to our producers

Staying close to our producers

At the heart of Arkopharma’s mission lies a fragile, essential resource offered by nature: plants. The Group therefore has a strategic interest in ensuring that it has access to high-quality plants over the long term. Which explains the importance of the Plant Buyer’s role: a profession requiring scientific rigor, analytical chemistry skills and knowledge of agronomics, combined with a sensitive approach to producers and the issues they face.

A network of experienced suppliers

Arkopharma has a very large supplier portfolio, developed over the course of 35 years and based on all the experience accumulated over that time. New suppliers are regularly integrated into our network.

Our suppliers are based throughout the world and include producers, wholesalers, intermediary negotiators and so on. They are selected for their production and harvesting capabilities and, above all, the quality of their plants.

When the Arkopharma Group is looking for a plant that cannot be found in France, or that offers a specific quality, it embarks on an agronomic development journey.

Harpagophyton from A to Z

  • The roots are harvested;
  • Part of the root is immediately replanted in order to ensure the long-term survival of local resources;
  • The roots are cut into slices and sun-dried before being stored and shipped;
  • When they arrive at the Arkopharma site, the roots undergo wet treatment to eradicate any bacteria on them, before being cut and sifted;
  • The fine powder obtained through cryogenic grinding constitutes the core content of our capsules.

Close ties with our collectors

A large proportion of the plants sourced by Arkopharma are purchased from collectors. This is particularly true of plants sourced in Africa. These collectors are in charge of overseeing the picking of plants by local residents, and storing them once harvested.

Close ties with our collectors

In the late 1980s, Arkopharma Laboratories embarked on a vast project in cooperation with authorities, collectors and local residents in Namibia. During this period, Arkopharma purchased a huge annual tonnage of plants: Harpagophytum.

Arkopharma coordinators liaised with local residents to explain exactly how the plants should be harvested, in what conditions, how they should be replanted, and so on. This work provided local pickers with a sustainable source of income and guaranteed a reliable source of raw materials for us.

A stringent set of specifications

A stringent set of specifications

The Group ensures the continuity of its productions by selecting several procurement sources to cover different times of year. We have a network of suppliers in both hemispheres. For example, Red Vine is traditionally harvested in North Africa in October and November. Arkopharma extended its supply sources to include South America and Spain. As a result, we have access to two sources of Red Vine at different times of year, which enables us to guarantee yearlong, uninterrupted production.

However, the quality of the plant itself remains the top criteria for Arkopharma when it comes to choosing a source. To this end, plant suppliers must meet the stringent specifications imposed by the Group.

Plant sourcing in figures

440 tons

Around 400 tons go into production each year

Around 400 tons go into production each year;

230 active references

230 active references in total in 2013

230 active references in total in 2013;

GM crops

WITHOUT using genetically-modified crops

100% of the raw materials used in our dietary supplements are obtained WITHOUT using genetically-modified crops.