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Signing up to the United Nations Global Compact

Signing up to the United Nations Global Compact - Arkopharma

Faithful to our philosophy, Arkopharma plans our mission as a pharmaceuticals laboratory while fully respecting nature and fundamental ethical principles, by offering customers products that are designed, produced and sold in line with regulations and standards (Quality, Safety & the Environment) and sustainable development.

Why Commit to the United Nations Global Compact?

Companies play an essential role in the construction of sustainable societies. Their stakeholders (employees, business partners, States, NGOs, etc.) are increasingly asking them to demonstrate responsibility: investors and ordering parties want guarantees on the CSR commitment of suppliers and customers.

The commitment from organizations determines their longevity, acceptability and economic viability. Reviewing processes and strategies, by integrating CSR principles, enables companies to identify and reduce risks, attract the best talent, and also promotes innovation, efficiency, creation, shared value and distinction.

In the long term, the creation of new, responsible offers and the change in company business model enables us to enter new markets.

The United Nations Global Compact is the fundamental initiative for commitment from companies and asks them to put forward a road map to continually improve their practices.

Arkopharma supports the Global Compact

Arkopharma supports the Global Compact

2013 was marked by Arkopharma Laboratories committing to the United Nations Global Compact.

By committing to the United Nations Global Compact, Arkopharma has committed to supporting the 10 principles based around human rights, international labor laws, protection of the environment and the fight against corruption, improving them in our area of influence and integrating them into our strategy.

This commitment is ongoing and becoming a reality:

  • In 2015, Arkopharma was awarded the prize for best COP (Communication on Progress) in 2014 for the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) category. Chosen due to their precision and various quantitative indicators, the documents presented reflected the contribution of each department of the laboratories in the Group's CSR1 approach.

Having obtained the CSR award at departmental and regional level in 2014, this award once again attests to the real involvement of all Arkopharma employees in implementing a sustainable CSR policy.

  • In June 2016, Arkopharma took part, as a former winner, in the Jury for the annual trophies for best communication.

 To read the Arkopharma COP, go to UN Global Compact.



1  Responsibility of an organization with respect to the impacts of its decisions and business on society and the environment. Transparent and ethical behavior that contributes to sustainable development, considers the expectations of stakeholders and observes applicable laws is an integral part of the organization and is implemented in its relations.