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Arkogélules® Complex, la phytothérapie la plus riche en actifs

Arkocaps® Complex

The range with the highest concentration of active ingredients


The products of Arkocaps® Complex's new range are composed of 2 complementary plants. One in ARKOTOTUM Integral which brings an unprecedented quantity of active ingredients for an optimal synergistic action, associated with a second plant highly concentrated in selected active ingredients, for a complementary and reinforced action.

Arkocaps® Complex meets your specific needs, joint comfort, slimness, energy and nervous balance, with a simplified daily intake.


Ultra-active phytotherapy in a single intake

La Fitoterapia ultra-attiva
Optimal richness
in active ingredients
Il totum integrale di una pianta

The TOTUM for an optimal richness in active ingredients

Each plant, by its singular and unique composition, concentrates several hundreds of different constituents, each having a role to play.

The ARKOTOTUM Integral used in the manufacture of our Arkocaps® complex, restores 100% of active substances, naturally present in the plant, whether they are hydrophilic, lipophilic or volatile. No single extraction method is capable of this.

This entirety of plant constituents allows maximisation of their synergistic action and all their benefits, while being more respectful of the body and its balance.


ARKOTOTUM Integral vs Conventional Extract

Composés hydrophiles

Hydrophilic compounds

(solubles in water)

Harpagophytum - 89 active ingredients in total

Composés lipophiles

Lipophilic compounds

(solubles in hydroalcoholic solvent)

Harpagophytum - 89 active ingredients in total

Composés volatiles

Volatile compounds

Harpagophytum - 89 active ingredients in total

Whether they are hydrophilic, lipophilic or volatile, the compounds of ARKOTOTUM Integral are always found in greater quantity than in a conventional extract. Indeed, our ARKOTOTUM Integral brings 89 different active components, 2 to 3 times more than any extract of the market. In addition, the action of the Harpagophytum totum has been demonstrated in several scientific studies.

Selected active ingredients for an unbeatable concentration

To the integral Totum of a plant we have associated highly concentrated selected active ingredients of another plant.

The properties in the desired indication of these selected active components have been proved in numerous scientific studies.

These highly concentrated active ingredients complement and reinforce the power of ARKOTOTUM Integral.

Thus, thanks to the PHYTO INTEGRALE technology of Arkocaps® Complex, Arkopharma laboratories provide the phytotherapy solution with the richest active ingredients concentration for a simplified use with only 2 capsules per day in a single intake.

Arkocaps® Complex

100% vegetal composition

Our formulas are 100 % vegetal and « Vegan ». They contain up to 97% of active ingredients for an optimal efficacy.

Une composition 100 % végétale

Arkopharma laboratories have developed these formulas with the utmost respect for the environment by using plant-based capsules and by ensuring responsible sourcing directly from local producers.

Arkocaps® Complex

A simplified use

We have concentrated all our active ingredients in only 2 capsules a day, in a single intake in the morning to facilitate the use of our Arkocaps® Complex. The combination of "ARKOTOTUM Integral + highly concentrated selected active ingredients" delivers a great richness of constituents that allows a reduced daily intake.

Une utilisation simplifiée

A duration of use of 20 days is recommended and can be prolonged or renewed if necessary, with the advice of a health professional.

Arkocaps® Complex

A French production

The Arkocaps® Complex range is developed and produced in France. More than a third of our ARKOTOTUM plants come from French cultures. Geographical proximity to the various French and European partners, allows Arkopharma laboratories to meet the highest quality requirements, while favouring short circuits.

Une fabrication française

Being a French manufacturer is also, for Arkopharma, the satisfaction and pride of contributing to the economic and industrial development of its country, while helping to reduce its environmental footprint.