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Protecting Water Resources

Protecting Water Resources - Arkopharma

Arkopharma Laboratories encourages the use of raw materials with a positive impact, assesses raw materials with a negative profile and favors those that are renewable or plant-based, while respecting biodiversity. Water is at the top of the list of resources to be protected, and Arkopharma Laboratories strives to manage its use throughout the production cycle.

Responsible Water Management

The first stage of a CSR approach involves understanding the stakes and the main challenges to be faced, and identifying the ones that are relevant to the company – taking account of business area, size and location. Among the various sustainable development challenges, access to water is one of the most crucial, as the resource is so vital.

While the quantity of fresh water available on Earth remains constant, the global population and water demand keeps on growing. It is therefore urgent for us to act to protect this resource, which is essential to life on Earth.

Gradually including environmental responsibility in our strategy and all company operations will meet the expectations of our stakeholders, stimulate innovation and therefore improve our competitiveness and overall performance.

By contributing to the challenges of sustainable development, Arkopharma Laboratories is taking on its share of responsibility, in line with public policy, and working with players in regional economic development.

Arkopharma is Committed to Protecting Water Resources

A large proportion of the water consumed at the Carros production site is used for cleaning production equipment and packaging lines to very strict hygiene standards.

With this in mind, Arkopharma Laboratories has been applying a water protection program for several years, which enables us to significantly reduce our overall water consumption and increase our eco-efficiency.


At the same time, as for all industrial operations, the processes (cleaning, utilities, etc.) used generate liquid effluents that are not acceptable as they are when it comes to entering the public waste water system from both a regulatory and technical point of view.

Organizational provisions and technical developments made by Arkopharma have resulted in a substantial decrease in the contaminant load emitted by the production sites. Between 2012 and 2015, organic matter concentrations were reduced by 10 to 15 %.