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Observing Human Rights

Observing Human Rights - Arkopharma

Due to our overall approach to health and well-being and our specialism in phytotherapy for natural health, Arkopharma has a Human focus. Human Rights and working conditions are among the company's priorities.

TSW France Nepal charity

From September 2013, Azinc has been part of the "TSW France Nepal" project, which actively helps build schools, renovate orphanages and train women in villages in Nepal.

In addition to this support, Arkopharma Laboratories is also committed to delivering several distribution rounds of multivitamin products, helping contribute to care dispensed to Nepalese children.

TSW France Nepal charity

Furthermore, after the series of earthquakes that have hit Nepal since April 25, 2015, an emergency donation was sent, to contribute to the construction of "school" shelters in the most badly affected villages. Thanks to this money, two additional shelters were built, enabling the children to receive an "almost" normal education despite a situation in the mountains that remains chaotic.

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