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La phytothérapie en forme liquide

Arkofluids® Organic

Liquid herbal medicine

Plants are the best solution for naturally providing the body with active substances that help to maintain good balance Across the centuries and continents, humans have acquired knowledge of plants and their properties. Today, plants are recognized and scientifically proven to be of interest.

Why liquid herbal medicine?

Herbal medicines historically came in liquid form. This was traditionally obtained via infusion, by pouring boiling water on the tender parts of the plant (leaves, flowers) and leaving them to infuse for some time to extract the active ingredients.

Phytothérapie liquide

After many years of research, Arkopharma laboratories have reinvented liquid herbal medecine with ULTRA EXTRACT, a new plant extraction process combining innovation, performance and respect for nature.

ULTRA EXTRACT uses ultrasound technology to maximise the extraction of active ingredients from the heart of the plants.

 Find out more on Arkofluids®, ULTRAconcentrated innovation.

The different stages in the ULTRA EXTRACT extraction process

1/ Extraction of the active ingredients

Plants are immersed in extraction tanks specifically designed for ULTRA EXTRACT. They are subjected to ultrasonic pulses which are very precisely calibrated to preserve the integrity of the plant. 

These ultrasonic pulses create what are called cavitation bubbles in the water. These are microscopic bubbles that form at high speed, which will be concentrated around the plants.

When they implode, they release a large amount of energy and produce jets of water that are projected towards the plant at high speed. This phenomenon destabilises the plant’s cellular structures and allows the active ingredients to be drawn from deep in the heart of the plants.

2/ The pressing

This stage allows us to separate the liquid and solid compounds and obtain the maximum number of active compounds by pressing the plant.

3/ Filtration and packaging

After pressing, the plants are filtered to remove any fine or undissolved particles The extract is then packaged into UNIDOSES.

Finally, the UNIDOSES are sterilised at an appropriate temperature to preserve their active components and ensure their stability over time.


UNIDOSES are fast and simple to use and make liquid herbal medecine accessible to everybody. This form has another advantage that guarantees the quality of the product: no preservatives are needed.

Arkofluids® UNIDOSES are made from Organic plants which are strictly selected for an optimum result. Designed in France, this range offers you the best of nature to boost your wellbeing.