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Identifying Recyclables

Identifying Recyclables - Arkopharma

Resulting from the Grenelle Environment Forum, the new recycling pictogram was created on January 1, 2015. The common TRIMAN symbol is a visual identifier used to clearly and unambiguously identify recyclables that should be collected separately when spent.

TRIMAN Symbol for Better Sorting

TRIMAN according to the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) 

"TRIMAN is a symbol that meets a regulatory obligation and is distributed to consumers. As per the implementation decree relative to common symbols on recyclables with specific sorting instructions, anyone putting recyclables on the market... must include a common symbol on their products or on the packaging, instructions for use or any other material (including paperless materials), informing the consumer that it has sorting instructions."

This symbol concerns all recyclables with sorting instructions that are subject to Extended Producer Responsibility measures, excluding electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators and household hazardous waste (subject to specific markings, notably under European obligations).

Recycling at Arkopharma in a few figures

Primary packaging

Primary packaging

80% of Arkopharma primary packaging is recyclable.

Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging

100% of Arkopharma secondary packaging is recyclable (cardboard, paper, etc.).

Packaging printing

Packaging printing

80 % of Arkopharma packaging is printed or screen printed using plant-based inks.

What should I do with my waste?

You may not know this, but medications and dietary supplements from Arkopharma Laboratories are subject to the TRIMAN symbol. They must not be disposed of with household waste or down the drain. To recycle our products, ask your pharmacist for the correct process to follow. These measures will protect the environment.