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Forcapil®, restores your hair's natural beauty

Forcapil®, restores your hair's natural beauty

Your hair is a valuable asset that expresses your personality. Provided that it is shiny, supple and in good health. The vitality of your hair depends on genetic factors, but also on your lifestyle and diet, and how you take care of it.

Forcapil®, the favorite brand of French consumers*, offers complete formulas to deeply nourish your hair and nails and keep them healthy.

Forcapil® Hair & Nails, Fortifying Formula, used as a maintenance program, brings strength, vitality and shine to your hair and nails. Forcapil® Hair Activ is recommended as an intensive program during stress and intense fatigue, to stimulate hair bulb from inside.

* Source : IQVIA – Pharmatrend & Paratrend – Food supplement market for hair appendages in pharmacy and parapharmacy – year 2018 – in volume and value.

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