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Developing Diversity

Developing Diversity - Arkopharma

Launched in late 2004 by Claude Bébéar and Yazid Sabeg, the Diversity Charter is a commitment text available to be signed by all companies of all sizes, who condemn discrimination in the area of employment and decide to work in favor of diversity.

Arkopharma is Committed to Diversity

Fostering multiculturalism and seeking diversity through recruitment and career management is a progress factor for the company. This approach contributes to our effectiveness and social relations. This can have a positive effect on the company with respect to our customers, external service providers and consumers, in France and globally.

On Friday February 12, 2010, in Cannes, Arkopharma Laboratories were in attendance to sign the Diversity Charter. Therefore, by signing it, Arkopharma Laboratories is reiterating its commitment to corporate diversity, whether cultural, ethnic or social.

 Read the Arkopharma Laboratories Diversity Charter [in French]

The Advantages of Diversity

The Charter expresses companies' desire to act to better reflect the diversity of the French population in their workforces. Based on six clauses, it guides companies in implementing new practices, involving all employees and partners.

Diversity is a policy that is also part of a win-win approach for companies and society. It promotes social cohesion and meets company challenges:

Demonstrating our commitment to corporate social responsibility

Working towards diversity means building a positive company image for our customers, suppliers, workers and local authorities,

Optimizing Human Resources Management

Diversity management leads to the optimization of skills and fosters employee involvement. Diversifying sources of recruitment and welcoming new profiles also enables us to rise to future HR challenges,


Improving Financial Performance

A diverse team helps us better understand the expectations of various types of customers, enter new markets, develop our capacity for company innovation and better adapt to change.