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CSR at the Heart of our Concerns

CSR at the Heart of our Concerns - Arkopharma

Arkopharma, European leader and standard-bearer for natural medicine, has committed to a CSR approach guided by ethical behavior and values shared by all company employees.

Arkopharma Policy

Integrity and loyalty in practice

Arkopharma's quest for excellence is inevitably associated with an appropriate and expected ethical commitment. Everyone, at their own level and applying their skills, acts with integrity, respect, precision and transparency on a daily basis to uphold the image and reputation of the Group.

Arkopharma promotes responsible commercial and partnership practices to create shared value.

Natural well-being

The consumer is at the heart of the Group's concerns. Preventing and treating health complaints on a daily basis using healthcare solutions taken from natural resources is the requirement of Arkopharma Laboratories. Offering everyone more profound and longer-lasting well-being, the possibility to live their lives more fully, is the Group's mission.

Scientific expertise and innovation

Nature holds extraordinary therapeutic wisdom. Combined with modern pharmaceutical science, it can still be improved even further. The laboratory and our researchers are working to transform this wisdom into natural therapeutic solutions, combining science, creativity and perfect safety.

Sustainable economy for land and Human enhancement

Observing good corporate and social practices as a responsible company is the guarantee of a sustainable economy and sustainable development of the company to ensure French and international standing. Communication via listening and discussion is one of the Group's priorities.

Green environmental footprint

Arkopharma Laboratories' business is built on what nature provides. The Group, aware of the protection we must provide, is committed to respecting the environment and biodiversity, in our consideration of environmental challenges for sustainable production.

 Read Arkopharma Laboratories' policy in its entirety [in French]

Arkopharma receives the Departmental CSR Trophy

The European Commission defines the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility as being when "companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis." More simply, it is the company's contribution to the challenges of sustainable development.

CSR is part of Arkopharma Laboratories' business strategy and the approach is implemented at various levels of the organization. Continuing in this approach, Arkopharma Laboratories has committed to the UN Global Compact, which invites companies to voluntarily commit to and improve on 10 recognized social and environmental principles.

Arkopharma Laboratories' CSR commitment was recognized, on October 16, 2014, by winning the Alpes-Maritimes department CSR Trophy.

Arkopharma awarded at the PACA CSR Trophies

Having obtained the departmental CSR award, Arkopharma continues to gain momentum, winning first prize at the 2014 PACA CSR Trophies. This event awards the organizations that place people, the environment and regional issues at the heart of their concerns.

  • Arkopharma Laboratories' CSR policy has several components: The establishment of agreements with plant suppliers in favor of biodiversity,
  • ESR (Fair Trade, Solidarity and Responsibility) certification for harvesting a plant: Harpagophytum,
  • The action plan aiming to prevent arduous working conditions,
  • Recycling 87% of waste,
  • Upgrading production equipment,
  • The support provided to two humanitarian organizations (Théodora and Solidarsport),
  • Signing up to the UN Global CompactU.

The jury, including employee unions (CFDT, CFTC, FO and CFE-CGC) and employer unions (UPE13, CGPME and Medef), particularly appreciated the conviction and sincerity of Arkopharma Laboratories' approach to implementing a CSR policy with a real human, material and financial commitment.

 To watch our video on the 2014 PACA CSR award, go to our YouTube channel [in French]