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Chondro-Aid Arkoflex®

ACTING ON JOINTS without harming your body.

What to remember about Chondro-Aid Arkoflex® +?

Comfort, mobility and joint flexibility

Comfort, mobility
and joint flexibility

High dosage of active ingredients

High dosage of
active ingredients

Titanium dioxide-free


Chondro-Aid Arkoflex® +
Acting on joints without harming your body!

« Occasional or long-term use of certain products can sometimes be harmful to the body. At Arkopharma, we know that everyday ailments can be relieved with health products that are more in tune with the body's natural physiology. »

From the age of 35 onwards, cartilage renewal is less effective and its quality begins to diminish. It degrades faster than it regenerates; this can lead to joint discomfort and stiffness. Chondro-Aid Arkoflex®+ helps you maintain comfort, flexibility and joint mobility thanks to Devil’s claw; while respecting the balance of the body and the joints.

Chondro-Aid Arkoflex®, a complete range for your joints!

Do you feel discomfort in your joints? Do you want to regain flexibility and mobility?

The Chondro-Aid Arkoflex® range offers a range of joint solutions, formulated from ingredients rigorously selected by Arkopharma's experts.

All products in the Chondro-Aid Arkoflex® range

The philosophy of naturalness, the respect for fundamental ethical principles and the constant search for the best quality for our products is the major concern of Arkopharma Laboratories.

This is reflected in Chondro-Aid Arkoflex® products.

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