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The Arkoroyal®'s requirement

Gelée royale PREMIUM

Royal Jelly

Sauvegarde des abeilles


Respect des apiculteurs locaux

Respect for
local beekeepers

Arkoroyal® Royal Jelly complex with Ginseng
guarantees and commitments

Arkoroyal® Royal Jelly complex with Ginseng is a gluten-free food supplement guaranteed to be preservative, colouring, alcohol and chemical-free. It contains 375 mg of Ginseng extract which has stimulating and fortifying properties.

90% satisfaction

Usage test conducted on 123 people who took 1 Arkoroyal® 500 mg capsule for 3 months, with an identical dosage of Royal Jelly to Arkoroyal® Royal Jelly complex with Ginseng, 2018.

4 highly concentrated active ingredients

Ginseng, Acerola, Propolis and Royal Jelly rigorously selected by our experts to help you keep your energy up!

1st Label for Responsible Beekeeping

A unique and exclusive partnership for responsible, sustainable, ecological and ethical beekeeping.

Royal Jelly titrated to 2.5% in apalbumin**

With demonstrated immunostimulant properties, apalbumin-1 is the most studied protein.


 *Source: IQVIA - Market for tonic food supplements (Ordinary Liquid Oral Form) in pharmacies in France CMA August 2019 - in volume and value - data from IQVIA databases - Pharmatrend PharmaOn
**Assay performed on our fresh Royal Jelly. Content of 9% on our Royal Jelly expressed in dry matter.

A standardised quality and a committed brand

Our Arkoroyal® Royal Jelly contains 2.5% apalbumin, which is a marker of the immune activity.

Arkoroyal® creates the 1st Responsible Beekeeping label certified by an independent body to guarantee our Royal Jelly's quality and purity, and to safeguard the environment and Human.

Arkoroyal® is the 1st Premium quality Royal Jelly range!

All products in the Arkoroyal® range

The philosophy of naturalness, the respect for fundamental ethical principles and the constant search for the best quality for our products is the major concern of Arkopharma Laboratories.

This is reflected in Arkoroyal® products.

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