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Arkofluids® Organic

The Ultra

to purify
your body.

The Arkofluids® requirement

Optimal richness in active ingredients

Optimal richness in
active ingredients

40 years of French expertise

40 years of French

Committed brand


Arkofluids® Organic Detox Program
guarantees and commitments

100 % of our UNIDOSES are manufactured in France at our production and control site located in the Alpes Maritimes.

We monitor our plants throughout every step of the process, to preserve its richness in active ingredients: from the harvesting of fresh plants, picked at the best stage of development, to the extraction of the active ingredients thanks to our ultrasound-based technology.

(1) In accordance with EU regulations in force regarding organic production methods.

Arkofluids®, our phyto requirement!

Arkofluids®, is a new, more concentrated range, with a maximized richness in active ingredients thanks to its new ULTRA EXTRACT technology that improves extraction effectiveness by an average of 65%(2).

Arkofluids® means 1.6 times more power in each UNIDOSE.

(2) Innovation: extraction effectiveness increased by an average of 65% compared to the previous process.

Arkofluids®, a range that meets all your needs!

Arkofluids®, expert on the  liquid herbal medicines market, offers you combinations of plants from Organic Agriculture (3) packed in drinkable UNIDOSES.

Arkofluids® guarantees you high quality formulas to meet all your needs. Choose your Arkofluids® now!

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