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Arkopharma en Chine

Mrs. Zhang Lei, CEO of Koala and Mr. David Frappart, Head of Global Marketing at Arkopharma at the signing ceremony

Arkopharma is the French and European leader in the field of natural medicine. It is also a pioneering company that has been campaigning for 40 years to make this natural medicine, the medicine of the future, through innovation and the promotion of a gradual and reasoned approach to health. Arkopharma aims to bring its expertise and this approach, in line with the needs of our time and the expectations of consumer patients, internationally.

This is especially true in China, where consumers have a culture of traditional medicine based on plants and respect for body balances. They are also more and more demanding quality health products, "Made in France". Arkopharma and its offer combine the image of quality, technology and French lifestyle that seduces in Asia.

Arkopharma was looking to intensify its development in this market with a distributor specializing in the field of cross border. This research resulted in the signing of a partnership agreement with Kaola.

This subsidiary of the NetEase group is a unique player in online commerce, with a selective approach exclusively dedicated to foreign products and a modern promotion and distribution aimed at Chinese consumers in search of excellence.

The Asia-Pacific region is currently generating the largest growth in the global market for Vitamins & Minerals and Natural Products and especially China, which will be the world's largest market by 2021 with an estimated off-line turnover of more than 35 billion euros.

Encouraged by the opening of the cross-border market, Chinese consumers no longer hesitate to transfer part of their off-line purchases of products from traditional Chinese medicine to many foreign products including natural health products meeting their criteria of quality, as Arkopharma's offer on-line.

Arkopharma becomes a unique reference in the catalog of French natural health products offered by this renowned platform.

According to Yann Malaud, Director of the International Division and Yannick Gardette, Director of International Development, "this partnership is part of a coherent strategic approach in a market where consumers are increasingly demanding and looking for unique products".


According to a press release dated November 7, 2017

Arkopharma, special olympics France 2017


This year again, on Friday April 7, 2017, Bouillides Stadium hosted the 10th edition of the Inter-Company Solidarity Race of Valbonne Sophia Antipolis, organized by Special Olympics France.


The race was run by more than 220 participants from 32 companies in the region. The purpose of this charity event is to promote the development of persons with intellectual disabilities by practicing sports, recreational activities, and good health habits. It allowed the association to collect 39,200 euros, which will serve to finance the sports activities proposed by Special Olympics to persons with intellectual disabilities.

After a very respectable third-place finish in 2016, our Arkopharma team was even more ambitious this year and came in at second place in the mixed team ranking.

Our warm congratulations to Manuel Martins, Jean-Yves Rosnarho, Annabelle Ajas-Cousinou, and Fabrice Lopez for their excellent performance!

Arkopharma, Infarma 2017

Arkopharma was present at Infarma, a trade show that welcomed more than 30,000 people over three days (March 21, 22 and 23). On this occasion, 380 exhibitors came to present their latest products as well as trends in the pharmaceutical sector.

Conferences were given on current topics and issues such as services provided by pharmacies, drugs prescribed by hospitals, and illness prevention through dietary supplements.

Arkopharma was present, showcasing its new 100% natural products and offering a unique experience by presenting a real observation beehive in order to raise public awareness of the importance of beekeeping.

Each year, bees are steadily disappearing from the face of our planet due to climate change and incendiary fires. Arkopharma Laboratories is particularly attentive to this problem and is working with the Spanish organization Ecocolmena. Together, they have protected more than 40 million bees to date.

Arkopharma, semaine de l'industrie, 7ème édition, 2017

As part of the 7th edition of Industry Week, on March 24, Arkopharma opened its doors to students and job seekers in order to share its expertise and present its various professions.

In the morning, a visit followed by a discussion session was organized for fourth-year bioengineering students at Polytech Nice. It provided them with an opportunity to talk with Arkopharma experts—some of whom graduated from the same course—in fields such as quality, regulations, or development, and to get a practical idea of these key professions in the pharmaceutical industry.

The afternoon visit, organized in partnership with the Nice Local Mission and the Local Employment Plan (PLIE) teams, was dedicated to young job seekers from the region. During a visit of the production facilities, they were also able to speak with Group employees and learn about production jobs.

 Watch the report produced by Azur TV.

 Find out more about Industry Week.

Arkopharma, brevet déposé 2017

Arkopharma has filed a patent as a result of its development of an innovative analytical process for reliably assessing the genotoxic potential of plant-based preparations containing free flavonols. Registered under number 1661745, the patent was filed on November 30, 2016, following advanced research conducted by an R&D team at Arkopharma Laboratories.

These scientists developed a completely innovative process to meet the initial request of the French health authorities, the French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM), and in order to assess the genotoxic potential of plant-based medicines as per the regulatory marketing framework. This new analytical process demonstrates in particular the sole accountability of free flavonols (quercetin, kaempferol) in the positive testing of a plant-based preparation observed in the Ames test (total—not partial—contribution of free flavonols).

It is therefore now used by Arkopharma to reliably assess the genotoxic potential of plant-based preparations containing free flavonols and to ensure that these preparations do not raise genotoxic concerns for consumers.

The development of this process and the filing of the patent once again demonstrate the expertise of Arkopharma Laboratories and its teams, as well as their commitment to designing products offering all the quality and safety guarantees to be expected from a pharmaceutical laboratory.

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