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We are committed to supporting and accompanying local associations and activities

Local commitment


For us, generosity and commitment are fundamental values. In accordance with our mission "to offer everyone, on a daily basis, improved and longer lasting well-being and the possibility of living their life fully", we are proud to take on the role of "sponsor" by committing ourselves to those and those who help improve the lives of all…

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the centre of our concerns

As the European leader and flag bearer of natural medicine, we are committed to a policy of social responsibility guided by behavior and ethical values shared by all of the company's employees. This approach has been unanimously recognized and awarded 2 trophies:

Arkopharma receives the Departmental CSR trophy

The CSR commitment of the Arkopharma laboratories materialized on the 16th of October, 2014 with the obtaining of the Alpes-Maritimes CSR Trophy.

The European Commission defines the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility as "the will of a company to contribute to improving society and protecting the environment, in conjunction with stakeholders". Put more simply, , it is a company's contribution to the challenges of sustainable development.

CSR is part of the corporate strategy of Arkopharma Laboratories, which has incorporated this approach at different levels of its organization. In line with this logic, the Arkopharma Laboratories adhered to the U.N. Global Compact in 2013, Arkopharma is committed to supporting, advancing in its area of influence and integrating the ten principles grouped around human rights, International Labour Standards environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

This commitment continues and materializes to this day.

Arkopharma rewarded at the CSR PACA trophies

After obtaining the departmental CSR award, Arkopharma continued its momentum by winning the 1st prize in the 2014 PACA CSR Trophies. This event rewards organizations that put people, the environment and territoriality at the heart of their concerns.

  • The CSR policy of the Arkopharma Laboratories has several components: the establishment of agreements with plant suppliers in favour of biodiversity,
  • The ESR (Equitable, Solidarity and Responsible) certificate for the harvest of a plant:Devil’s claw,
  • The action plan to prevent arduous work,
  • The recovery of 87% of waste,
  • Modernization of the production equipment,
  • Support provided to two humanitarian associations,
  • Joining the U.N. Global Compact.

The jury, bringing together employee unions (CFDT, CFTC, FO, CFE-CGC) and employers (UPE13, CGPME, Medef), notably appreciated the conviction and sincerity of the approach of the Arkopharma Laboratories to implement a CSR policy with a real human, material and financial commitment.

Our commitments to local associations

Support from the Bouchons d'Amour association: a generous initiative

In addition to the caps from our production site, many of our employees make their contribution through the seven collection points set up in the company. The association regularly comes by to collect the containers filled with caps as well as the plastic drums that we offer them to be reused in other places (schools, businesses) to serve as collection points.

The sums collected are used to acquire equipment for the disabled (wheelchairs, etc.) and to support humanitarian missions in France or abroad.

Partners in April 2019 of the 2nd Côte d´Azur Garden Festival

This bi-annual event aims to showcase the cultural heritage of the French Riviera by discovering the gardens, flora and species typical of the Mediterranean climate. Arkopharma is proud to associate its image with that of the ‘Festival des Jardins (Garden Festival)’, whose values are common: those of naturalness, well-being and responsible commitment to the environment. Also proud to join and support, as a sponsor, a project committed to sustainable development and fighting against global warming