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We are committed to recruiting and training the best talent

Social commitment


A pillar of professional development, training responds to a dual challenge: supporting the development of the skills necessary for growth of the company and meeting the individual expectations of employees in terms of career paths. For several years, a management policy has been implemented to retain and motivate our talents.

Recruit and accompany talents

Manage and develop skills

For several years, tools such as an Arkopharma business repository, job functions and job descriptions for each employee have been used, all supported by a committed training policy.

The objectives sought through this process were as follows:

  • better visualization of the scope of activity through a comparison required / acquired measuring the adequacy between the requirements of the functions and the added value of employees;
  • a clarification of the linkage between the various components of the organization in order to ensure its transversal dimension and to facilitate communication;
  • greater coherence in the remuneration system;;
  • increased internal mobility through the use of an intranet which allows each employee to apply online and thus be the main player in their development within the company.

Social protection: a priority

Social protection has always been a major concern for us. A new contract has been negotiated in this sense with the managing bodies, thus making it possible to promote once again, and in a socially positive manner, this aspect of remuneration.

We are constantly seeking improvement, especially in the practical help it can provide to employees.

For this purpose, for several years we have provided the services of a social worker who assists employees with their personal problems. In addition, the increasing number of retirements and changes in the law have motivated us to set up a personalized assistance service.

Diversity: a strength

Fostering pluralism and seeking diversity through recruitment and career management is a factor of progress for us. Such an approach contributes to our efficiency and the quality of our social relations.

On Friday the 12th of February, 2010, in Cannes, we were present to sign the Diversity Charte. Thus, by becoming a signatory, we confirm our unchanging commitment in favour of corporate diversity, be it cultural, ethnic or social.

Managing diversity leads to the optimization of skills and promotes the involvement of female and male employees. Diversifying your sources of recruitment and integrating new profiles also makes it possible to face the H.R. challenges of tomorrow; As such, Arkopharma supports the government's approach to promote gender equality within the company and respects the commitments of the decree Index of gender equality by obtaining a score of 81/100 for the year 2020.

Train and anticipate the needs of tomorrow

Training: a collective approach

A pillar of professional development, training responds to a double challenge: supporting the development of the skills necessary for the development of the company and meeting the individual expectations of employees in terms of career paths.

Training to support professional development The sustainable growth of our laboratories is based in part on anticipating training needs in all activities and on developing talent.

In line with social commitments, pride of place has been given to supporting change with the implementation of a large-scale training plan placing people at the heart of the process. In the field, Arkopharma training is structured around 5 modules planned on the following themes (COACH method):

  • Communicate: Awareness of the DISC2 method + training and practice;
  • Organize: Organize its department, its teams, its projects, manager by objectives...;
  • Animate teams: effectively animate meetings, know how to adapt your managerial approach to all types of employees;
  • Construct motivation: Know how to motivate or re-motivate your teams;
  • Develop and improve skills: Coach an employee, transmit knowledge, increase the level of the team for greater efficiency.

Mobility: a personal approach

As the cornerstone of the career management policy, mobility, a pledge of development, is a real priority for us.

Throughout their professional career, our employees are encouraged to broaden their skills to achieve their professional ambitions. Supported by their managers, who accompany them in defining and preparing their mobility project, employees are involved in their own mobility.

Internal mobility represents 56.25% of recruitments for Arkopharma Laboratories.

1 Educational costs only by including the cost of management training with B-Flower.
2 Model for analyzing and understanding behavior.