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We are committed to the health and safety of our employees

Societal commitment


For several years, we have been committed to developing, producing, distributing and selling innovative products of the highest quality, behaving ethically, guaranteeing the safety and health of employees. Our goal is to achieve a zero accident rate and to minimize arduousness in the workplace as much as possible.

Guarantee workplace safety and limit arduousness

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees.

To do this, we implement all the necessary means to be in compliance with the legal provisions and regulations relating to health and safety.

In addition, to reduce the risk of occupational illness, we are committed to an ergonomic analysis of workstations in the company. Ergonomists from outside the company regularly intervene in order to carry out these studies on around thirty different positions.

The intervention of the ergonomist can be either at the design stage (of the object, of the workstation or of the installation, of the workshop, of the process ...), or in correction of a post following an industrial accident or occupational illness. It can also be a matter of fitting out a workstation to adapt it to an operator's handicap, or when the objectives set by the company are not achieved (insufficient quality or productivity, etc.).

In addition extensive workstation studies are carried out by the hardship referents.


Preserving health by maintaining employment

For seveal years, we have endeavored to develop an active policy in terms of keeping our employees in employment with:

  • Job retention unit
    The creation of a job maintenance unit, the result of collaboration between occupational medicine, HR, social workers and the CHSCT, which aims to anticipate difficult situations at the workstation;
  • Agreement with Handi-Em
    Work with the Handi-Em organization to develop workstation arrangements for staff with disabilities at work;
  • Hardship action plan
    The implementation of a hardship action plan (adjustment of workstations, keeping employees working, etc.).


Our social commitments in a few figures

of employment

Maintenance of employment

10 people benefited from the job maintenance unit in 2019.

Reduction in number
of work accidents

Reduction in number of work accidents

A more than 50% reduction in the number of work accidents between 2014 and 2019.

of working conditions

Improvement of working conditions

More 1 million euros devoted to improving working conditions.