Vitiven® Flow Light Legs gel Cold effect

Vitiven® Flow Cold Effect
Vitiven® Flow Cold Effect
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Vitiven® Flow Light Legs gel Cold effect

Vitiven® Flow Light Legs gel Cold effect is great for tired and heavy legs. With its unique plant-based formula containing menthol, it starts working right away and gives you a pleasant sensation of invigorating cold.

Directions for use

How to use it

For adults only.

  • Massage very gently, making circles from the bottom toward the top of the leg. Use 2 times per day for optimum results.
    Note: this non-oily gel can be applied to compression stockings or tights.

Advice for your health

Try to avoid:

Remaining seated or standing for long periods, stamping your feet, wearing clothes that are too tight (tight trousers or boots), shoes with no heel or heels that are too high, exposing your legs to sunlight or heat sources, excessive weight gain. Avoid consuming food and drink that are known to have a negative effect on venous congestion: alcohol, spices, coffee, tea, tobacco.


Raise your legs slightly whenever possible, especially in the evening in bed, engage in regular physical activity (fast walking, swimming, aerobics, cycling), wash your legs in cold water, massage them and wear compression stockings, tights or socks.

  • Keep this product in the refrigerator to add to the cold effect when applying.
  • Women should not use this product if they are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not apply to injured skin or to mucous membranes.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands after using.