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Arkofluides® Organic

ULTRAconcentrated innovation

Research, environmentally friendly supplies and innovation... For 40 years Arkopharma laboratories have been cultivating their DNA in a drive for continuous improvement.

ULTRA EXTRACT innovation: a unique extraction process in the world of herbal medicine

In pursuit of excellence, Arkopharma pharmaceutical laboratories has partnered with leading herbal medicine experts and established a partnership with the University of Avignon’s Research Centre for the Green Extraction of Natural Products.


L’innovation ULTRAextract®

This centre is recognised worldwide for the quality of its work in the field of plant extraction. Arkopharma laboratories, along with researchers of this center, have conducted a research project aimed at maximising the extraction of active ingredients from plants without using synthesis solvents for use in liquid form.
The ULTRA EXTRACT plant extraction process is the result of this research.

Arkofluids® ULTRA EXTRACT: an innovative process to draw active components from the heart of plants

The ULTRA EXTRACT plant extraction process is at the origin of the new Arkofluids® range.

This major innovation is based on an unprecedented extraction process assisted by ultrasound, which enables the active compounds to be drawn from the heart of the plants.

Arkofluides® ULTRAextract®

This cutting-edge technology is particularly effective.

First, the plants are carefully selected They are then immersed in specially designed ULTRA EXTRACT extraction tanks where they are subjected to ultrasonic pulses that are very precisely calibrated to preserve the integrity of the plant's active ingredients

These ultrasonic pulses create what are called cavitation bubbles in the water. These are microscopic bubbles that form at high speed and will be concentrated around the plants.

When they implode, they release a large amount of energy and produce jets of water that are projected towards the plant at high speed. This phenomenon destabilises the plant’s cellular structures and allows the active ingredients to be drawn from deep in the heart of the plants.

Example of ultrasound erosion on the surface of a trichome or “a plant’s hair”

Plante avec trichome

Plant with trichome on the surface of the leaf

Formation de bulles

Formation of cavitation bubbles

Implosion des bulles

Implosion of cavitation bubbles and projection of water jets

Erosion du trichome

Erosion of the trichome and release of active ingredients


This process is unique and totally innovative in the herbal medicine sector. It guarantees a considerable increase in the amount of natural active ingredients extracted from the plants.

Arkofluids® ULTRA EXTRACT: extraction effectiveness increased by an average of 65%

In order to demonstrate the performance of this extraction process, Arkopharma laboratories compared the new ULTRA EXTRACT process with the conventional process previously used. Extraction effectiveness was improved by an average of 65%.

Arkopharma laboratories also analysed the quantity of active ingredients obtained using the ULTRA EXTRACT process.

The chromatograms below demonstrate the effectiveness of the new ULTRA EXTRACT process. The concentration of isoquercitroside extracted from Hamamelis used in Arkofluids ® Light Legs is 3.5 times higher for example. The Rosmarinic acid extracted from Rosemary used in Arkofluids ® Hepatic Detoxifier is 5 times more concentrated compared to the previous extraction process.


chromatogramme Isoquercitroside


Chromatogramme Acide rosmarinique

Arkofluids® ULTRA EXTRACT: an environmentally friendly extraction process


But even beyond its effectiveness, the ULTRA EXTRACT process is also a greener or more environmentally friendly extraction process: the plants are Organically Farmed and the extraction is carried out in pure water at a low temperature to preserve the active ingredients' integrity. At the end of the production cycle, the remaining plant material is recycled and used to create high-quality compost. For us, this is a way to give back to nature all the benefits it has offered us.


Boost your well-being with Arkofluids®!

In an effort to drive plant innovation even further with the Arkofluids® range, Arkopharma laboratories reinvent liquid herbal medicine with a unique new process to capture the ULTRApower of the plant.

Arkofluids® is an ORGANIC range, manufactured in France, and guaranteed to be free from colouring agents, synthetic flavouring1, preservative, alcohol and sweetener.

Boost your well-being with the new Arkofluids® ULTRAconcentrated range by Arkopharma.


1 In compliance with European regulations in force regarding organic production methods.