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Recruiting and Supporting Talent

Recruiting and Supporting Talent - Arkopharma

In a constant desire to boost competitiveness through staff expertise, Arkopharma Laboratories is focusing on developing skills. Winning loyalty from and motivating talent is a priority to ensure the Group's longevity.

Managing and Developing Skills

For several years, a management policy has been implemented through the forward-looking management of employment and skills. Tools such as an Arkopharma job repository, position definitions and job descriptions for each employee are used, all supported by a committed training policy.

The objectives sought through this process are as follows:

  • better vision of the business areas through a required/acquired comparison assessing the balance between function requirements and the added value of staff;
  • clarification of the linkage between the various components of the organization to ensure cross-functional operation and ensure a better flow of communication;
  • greater consistency in the pay system;
  • increased internal mobility via the use of the intranet, which enables all employees to apply online and therefore be the main player in their development within the company.

Social Protection: a Priority

Social protection has always been a major concern for the Arkopharma Group. A new contract was negotiated for this purpose with the management organizations to promote this area of pay once again, in a socially positive way.

The Group is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve, notably in terms of the practical help we can provide to our employees.

As such, for several years the Group has used the services of a social worker who supports employees with any personal issues. In addition, an increasing number of retirements and modifications to the law have motivated the Group to implement a customized help service.

Dialog: Favoring Proximity

Discussion meetings are regularly held in each department. The aim is to enable employees to talk to their managers about subjects that are important to them. This opportunity, considered to be a special time for discussions, is a driver in the development of the Group's Human Resources policy.

Social dialog is also conveyed in the quality of relations held with social partners; several significant agreements are being negotiated on topics reinforcing the quality of the social context in a common approach to company success and the success of all people working in the company.

Protecting Human Health

In an industrial environment, Arkopharma has chosen to support its employees to guarantee their safety at work. Many methods and resources (training, circulation of information, awareness raising, etc.) are dedicated to human safety to reduce the frequency and severity of occupational accidents. Likewise, to limit the risks of occupational illnesses, ergonomists regularly work in close collaboration with employees, department managers and the Occupational Health department.

In addition, for several years, Arkopharma has been developing an active policy in safeguarding employment for our employees, with:

The employment safeguarding unit
The creation of an employment safeguarding unit, resulting from collaboration between the occupational health department, HR, the social worker and the Health and Safety Committee, with the aim of planning ahead for workstation issues,

Agreement with Handi-Em
Working with the organization Handi-Em to develop the adaptation of workstations for staff with a disability at work,

Arduous working conditions action plan
The implementation of an arduous working conditions action plan (adaptation of workstations, staff employment safeguarding, etc.).

Daily Commitment

In addition to having a CSR committee, Arkopharma has an Ethics and Quality Charter and an Ethics committee composed of staff and members of the Health and Safety committee to support ethical values within the Group.

Arkopharma is also committed to diversity, whether it is cultural, ethnic or social, and has therefore signed a Diversity Charter to guarantee equal opportunities.