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Promoting an Ethical Culture

Promoting an Ethical Culture - Arkopharma

Promoting a culture of ethics and compliance is at the heart of the priorities for General Management, who wanted to formalize our commitment via a guide to good conduct, referred to as the "Ethics and Quality Charter."

The Ethics and Quality Charter, a Guide to Action

This Charter is part of a policy of observing the laws, regulations and ethical principles that govern our business throughout the world. As such, it aims to inform and guide all employees on the rules and ethical practices to be observed in a professional context.

As a Group employee, each member of staff may be asked to question the attitude to be taken when facing critical or tricky situations in the context of their work.

Consult the Arkopharma Laboratories Ethics and Quality Charter

Our Commitment: Acting Ethically!

Several stakeholders in the field of compliance were called upon to support the deployment of this Charter within Arkopharma:

Compliance Committee

A Compliance Committee is in charge of deploying, following up and inspecting the implementation of the Charter,


A Consultant supports the action on compliance and ethics and supervises the correct application of the measures taken,

Executive Committee Consultants

Both facilitators and leaders, the Executive Committee Consultants help prevent ethical risks and implement the principles supported by the Charter by promoting professional practices in line with the charter and ensuring it is correctly understood,

Compliance Correspondents

Within each unit, Compliance Correspondents have been appointed, whose mission it is to help all employees faced with a compliance or ethics issue.