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Our production: 100% French and premium "know-how"

Our production


Our products, all divisions combined, are designed and developed by our pharmacists and engineers in France, at the Carros site (Alpes-Maritimes). A French design which makes it possible to offer quality and effective products.

Why produce in France?

French manufacturing provides real guarantees, both from a « technical » point of view (know-how, compliance with regulatory requirements, etc.) and from a « societal and environmental » point of view (maintaining local jobs, respecting working conditions, respect for the environment ...).

Innovation and the development of “Made in France” know-how are therefore a priority for us. This choice to produce « French » allows:

  • Accordance with social standards which respect employees (safety at work, arduousness, etc.);
  • Respect of French and European standards guaranteeing an optimal level of quality and safe products;
  • Respect of the environment by optimizing the use of transport;
  • Remaining faithful to our region, Provence Alpes Côte d´Azur (PACA).

Being a French manufacturer is also, for Arkopharma, the satisfaction and pride of contributing on a scale to the economic and industrial development of its country, while helping to reduce its environmental footprint.

Industrial sites of excellence and performance

In addition to our attachment to our region, , the refocusing of our production activities has above all allowed us a more complete and integrated control of the supply chain, from the supply of components to the delivery of its customers, both for products with pharmaceutical status. than food supplements or medical devices.

Today, the Carros industrial site represents:

  • 1 billion capsules per year
  • 200 tonnes of plants received
  • 65 millions ampoules / unicadoses
  • 800,000 parcels sent

The consolidation of industrial activities was accompanied by an ambitious investment program of several million euros. This regrouping allows, thanks to the proximity of the R&D and Marketing teams, to optimize the product development processes and to position them more quickly in their markets.

Work on the flexibility of the industrial tool was also carried out with the implementation of new production processes, such as delayed differentiation. Employee safety and the improvement of working conditions to reduce arduousness were taken into account during this work.

Finally, as part of continuous improvement, performance indicators have been deployed.