Our institut

Our institut

Based on the recognition of the intelligence of plants, the plant revolution is underway. The Arkopharma Institute is part of it and claims to be a laboratory of ideas and knowledge sharing for research and innovation in the use of medicinal plants and any naturel substance for a sustainable health.

Our mission

Our mission :
3 piliars : innovation, exchanges and training in herbal medicine

The mission of the Arkopharma Institute is to train, share, communicate but also to initiate and support research projects on the therapeutic benefits of natural medicine.

Our organization

Our organization :
expert and 100% committed

Led by a multidisciplinary and passionate steering committee, the Arkopharma Institute relies on an independant scientific council composed of committed experts from the academic, medical and pharmaceutic.

Our letter

Our letter :
an awaited appointment for phytotherapy enthusiasts

In order to make natural disciplines accessible to all and to communicate with the greatest number of people, the Arkopharma Institute's newsletter is a real source of knowledge and information for a wide audience; from the informed patient to the health professionnal who wants to learn about sustainable health.