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Vitamin D and respiratory infectious diseases

Before the Covid 19 epidemic, the scientific community knew that vitamin D supplementation was associated with a significant reduction in respiratory infections

Since the beginning of the pandemic, evidence has emerged that insufficient vitamin D in the blood correlates with an increased risk of developing Covid 19 infection and the severity of symptoms observed. The risk of severe Covid 19 disease is 8 times higher in deficient patients than in non-deficient people.

Vitamin D would have 2 actions : An immunomodulating action and an anti-inflammatory action.

  • Vitamin D strengthens the immune function against viral diseases. It stimulates the action of immunocompetent cells. It reduces the survival rate of viruses and their ability to replicate.
  • Vitamin D helps to reduce inflammatory phenomena. It thus ensures better control of the cytokine storm demonstrated during the severe phases of the Covid 19 respiratory disease.

Usually, the recommended nutritional intake of vitamin D is 200 to 400 IU/d for adults under 65 years of age and 600 IU for those over 65 years of age, for countries in temperate zones. In Norway, a country with reduced sunshine, 800 IU are recommended daily. The American Society of Endocrinology recommends up to 1500 IU per day.



Faced with the Covid 19 pandemic, the National Academy of Medicine has been recommending since last May to rapidly measure the level of vitamin D in people over 60 years old suffering from Covid 19, and to administer, in case of deficiency, a loading dose of 50,000 to 100,000 IU, in order to help limit respiratory complications. It also recommends vitamin D supplementation of 800 to 1000 IU/d for people under 60 years of age as soon as the diagnosis of Covid-19 is confirmed.


Vitamin D comes from a variety of sources:

  • the sun, through the action of UVB rays on the skin, is the main source of vitamin D in the body
  • vegetable sources: nuts, seeds, oils, wheat germ, mushrooms (shitaké)
  • animal sources: whole milk, egg yolk, butter, cheese, fatty marine fish (salmon, tuna, herring, sardine).

However, dietary intake of vitamin D provides only 20% of the usual requirements: to reach 200 IU, i.e. half or a third of these requirements depending on the individual, 1 glass of whole milk + 1 yoghurt + 50 g of cheese + 20 g of butter should be consumed daily. Also, it is necessary to reinforce the intake in the usual diet by appropriate supplementation.

As soon as possible, do some physical activity outdoors:

Indeed, being active outdoors leads to a synthesis of vitamin D in the skin thanks to ultra-violet rays.

Otherwise, it is necessary to have a diet rich in vitamin D and to supplement the populations at risk: the elderly, overweight people, people at cardio-respiratory risk, fragile people, tired and stressed subjects.

Cod liver oil is an interesting source of vitamin D and also provides omega 3... It can be used on the advice of a health professional.

Docteur Patrick Aubé, member of the Scientific Council of the Arkopharma Institute


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Arkopharma poursuit ses actions en matière d’égalité Homme/Femme

Whether it is for the BOY’S DAY / GIRL’S DAY or the International Women's Rights Day, Arkopharma continues to act for gender equality.


For 3 years in a row, Arkopharma has opened its doors to the BOYS’DAY / GIRLS’DAY on the 7th February 2020.
This day is driven by the association « Alter Egaux » in partnership with the Region, prefecture and Local Education Authority. It allows young people to discover a large panel of jobs, widen their professional ambitions and meet women and men working in fields with low gender diversity.
This way, 8 high school ambassadresses from Henri Matisse and Thierry Maulnier schools had the opportunity to discover Arkopharma’s actions for gender equality and talk with one of our female employee.


The International Women's Rights Day was the 8th March. On this occasion, Arkopharma has set up a display to sensitize everyone on inequalities and discriminations Women still endure nowadays in the world. Because Women’s Rights are everyone’s business.

Arkopharma parmi les meilleurs employeurs de France - 2020

For 6 years in a row, the Capital magazine in association with STATISTA Institute have published the ranking of « 2020 Best employers* in France »

This year, Arkopharma Laboratories are in 9th place for the « Health and Pharmacy » sector (out of 63 companies in this sector), and in the 147th place of the general ranking out of 2100 identified companies.

This ranking is the result of a study performed on 20 000 employees, through an online, completely anonymous and independent survey, whose purpose was to measure their satisfaction regarding their employers.

This is an excellent performance!

* Companies of more than 500 employees.

Arkopharma, special olympics France 2017


This year again, on Friday April 7, 2017, Bouillides Stadium hosted the 10th edition of the Inter-Company Solidarity Race of Valbonne Sophia Antipolis, organized by Special Olympics France.


The race was run by more than 220 participants from 32 companies in the region. The purpose of this charity event is to promote the development of persons with intellectual disabilities by practicing sports, recreational activities, and good health habits. It allowed the association to collect 39,200 euros, which will serve to finance the sports activities proposed by Special Olympics to persons with intellectual disabilities.

After a very respectable third-place finish in 2016, our Arkopharma team was even more ambitious this year and came in at second place in the mixed team ranking.

Our warm congratulations to Manuel Martins, Jean-Yves Rosnarho, Annabelle Ajas-Cousinou, and Fabrice Lopez for their excellent performance!

Arkopharma, Infarma 2017

Arkopharma was present at Infarma, a trade show that welcomed more than 30,000 people over three days (March 21, 22 and 23). On this occasion, 380 exhibitors came to present their latest products as well as trends in the pharmaceutical sector.

Conferences were given on current topics and issues such as services provided by pharmacies, drugs prescribed by hospitals, and illness prevention through dietary supplements.

Arkopharma was present, showcasing its new 100% natural products and offering a unique experience by presenting a real observation beehive in order to raise public awareness of the importance of beekeeping.

Each year, bees are steadily disappearing from the face of our planet due to climate change and incendiary fires. Arkopharma Laboratories is particularly attentive to this problem and is working with the Spanish organization Ecocolmena. Together, they have protected more than 40 million bees to date.

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