Lipofeine® Fats and Sugars

Lipofeine® Fats and Sugars
Lipofeine® Fats and Sugars
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Lipofeine® Fats and Sugars

Lipoféine ® Laboratoires Arkopharma slimming range, launches a new Double Action formula to act at the same time on Fats and Sugars.

Directions for use

For adults only. 

  • Take 2 capsules before the main meals (lunch and dinner) with a big glass of water (250 ml).
  • Not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women.
  • Consult a doctor in case of pre-existent digestive problems (constipation, sluggishness of the digestive system, after an operation of intestines).
  • Do not associate with another lipid lowering treatment without medical advice.
  • Take at a distance (4 h) from fat soluble medicine (hormonal products, oral contraceptives, fat soluble vitamins (In, D, E, K, beta-carotene), benzodiazepines, anti-epileptics).
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • A food complement is not a substitute for a varied and well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep out of the reach of  young children

Lipofeine® Fats and Sugars, a double action formula:

  • Contributes to the metabolism of fats and sugars: zinc
  • Contributes to maintain a normal glycaemia: chromium

Also contains vegetable origin Chitosan known to absorb up to 800 times its weight in fat*.

* In vitro study


Description of ingredients 

Chitosan - Starch – Bulking Agent: calcium phosphate – Zinc Gluconate - Yeast enriched in Chromium (Saccharomyces cerevisae). Shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.  

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