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Joining Arkopharma Laboratories

Stellensuche bei Arkopharma

To join Arkopharma Laboratories is to participate in the development of a major phytotherapy and dietary supplement player with a global presence in more than 60 countries.

A European leader in phytotherapy and dietary supplements

Innovation-oriented since its creation, Arkopharma is a well-known player on the phytotherapy and dietary supplements market with extensive know-how gained through 35 years’ experience.

With close to 1,400 employees worldwide, the Group comprises a wide variety of professions in several areas: Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Quality, R&D, Industrial maintenance, Purchasing, Human Resources, Finance, Legal, IT, etc. All these areas offer opportunities to hold an exciting job and build a career over the long term.


“We are convinced that the well-being and health and our employees is essential for their individual and our collective success

As proof, Arkopharma offers a range of benefits designed to improve the quality of life of their employees and their families. The core benefits are complementary insurance and a pension plan designed to cover personal and family risks, bonuses, housing benefits, and a works council offering many advantages.

In addition, our company is aware that certain life events require a leave of absence, so we’ve set up a special leave system that allows our employees to better reconcile their professional and private lives.

Shared values

The values charter adopted by our company is based on five main principles designed to establish a corporate culture shared by all:

  • Creativity : Providing innovative, unique health solutions, guaranteeing sustainable, fundamental health and well-being to our customers and their families.
  • Excellence : This is the requirement of our mission and the expectation of our customers. It must be our permanent aim. We must do better than good.
  • Respect : Respecting others, Respecting the environment from which we harvest our resources and Respecting our customers and partners, offering effective, safe and high-quality products.
  • Human : Because health and well-being are at the heart of our business, Humans are our main source of progress and also our main concern: we attribute our success to our consumers worldwide, our various health professional partners and all our employees.
  • Audacity : Daring. Further developing our taste for taking the initiative and facing risks, as well as our business sense, to guarantee progress.

A company committed to diversity

Our duty is to offer any two people with the same skills and experience, the same recruitment and career opportunities. Respecting this principle of equity and non-discrimination is a source of progress, efficiency, and improved social relations.

By signing the Diversity Charter, Arkopharma seeks to demonstrate its commitment to cultural, ethnic and social diversity in the Group.

Application of the principle of non-discrimination is reflected at every stage of human resources management: recruitment, training, and career advancement and promotion.