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Arkokids® Bio

Frequently asked questions

How were the plants chosen? How were the doses calculated?

Arkokids® Organic products were created after a study in 163 mothers, 368 pharmacists and 126 pediatricians.

The formulas were developed by the phytotherapy experts at Arkopharma Laboratories. Numerous pediatric studies were used to select the plants most suited to the needs of children. The plant quantities were calculated taking into account the weight of the child and in line with the monographs and official opinions available according to the plants.

How do your guarantee the quality of the raw materials used in Arkokids® Organic syrups?

Arkopharma Laboratories carries out several analyses on samples provided by suppliers from around the world. Physical and chemical tests are carried out for botanical identification, to determine the levels of active ingredients and the content of extraneous elements. The acceptance criteria are established from European Pharmacopeia standards.

Further, it is important to note that the whole Arkokids® range is certified Organic and guaranteed colorant-free, preservative-free and alcohol-free.

  To find out more, visit Arkokids® Organic, a quality charter and an organic label.

Where are Arkokids® Organic products manufactured?

Arkopharma products are manufactured in France at the Carros production site in Alpes-Maritimes. The “Made in France” stamp is a genuine guarantee of technical expertise and societal and environmental standards (safeguarding of local jobs, respect for working conditions and the environment, etc.).

 To find out more, visit A production made in France.

Are the products in the Arkokids® Organic range natural?

Arkokids® Organic products are 100% plant-based. They are composed of healthy ingredients: 4 organic plants, organic rice syrup, and a natural flavor.

What does the Arkokids® Quality Charter guarantee?

The Arkokids® Organic Quality Charter was specially designed to provide families with high-quality products:

  • Organic and 100% plant-based;
  • Preservative-free, no synthetic flavors, no sweeteners and colorant-free1;
  • Made in France at our Carros site, Alpes-Maritimes.

Do Arkokids® Organic products contain preservatives or aspartame?

All Arkokids® Organic products are preservative-free and aspartame-free. Through its charter, Arkokids® Organic is committed to providing you with high-quality products.

What are the special properties of rice syrup?

Rice syrup is a natural sweetener obtained from the fermentation of rice grains. The enzymatic fermentation transforms half of the cereal starch into complex sugars (oligosaccharides) and half into simple sugars (maltose/glucose).

With an amber color, rice syrup offers a consistency similar to that of honey and its taste resembles that of caramel.

Can several Arkokids® Organic products be combined at the same time? Should they be consumed at different times?

Yes, you can give your child several Arkokids® Organic syrups at the same time. However, it is preferable to segregate intake according to each need.

Can an Arkokids® Organic program be repeated immediately after the previous one?

Yes, in accordance with the program in question. Phytotherapy is practiced over prolonged periods, it has a fundamental, long-term, gentle action.

Dietary supplements are foodstuffs whose aim is to supplement nutrition. They must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. So, if you wish to prolong the taking of Arkokids® Organic products, you are advised to ask the advice of your doctor or pharmacist and to carefully follow the recommendations that appear on the package insert.

From what age can Arkokids® Organic syrups be used?

All products in the Arkokids® Organic range have been specially formulated to suit children over the age of one year.

How long does an Arkokids® Organic program last?

Insofar as physiological responses may differ between children, we recommend following programs of between 10 to 20 days according to the age of the child, to be repeated if needed.

All depends on the program in question and the age of the child. On average, Arkokids® Organic syrups can be used in programs of 10 to 20 days, which can be repeated if needed.

Why is it advised to wait until the child begins to have a varied diet to begin these products?

Because the child’s digestive system is immature. The diversification of diet, which occurs gradually in accordance with the recommendations of the pediatrician, allows new, previously unknown elements to be introduced gradually, so that the digestive system learns to identify them, digest them and assimilate them, without generating “food rejects” (which can, for example, manifest as allergies). The drinkable Arkokids® Organic solutions intended for children have been created with organic, 100% plant-based ingredients.

How is the measuring pipette used? And what if my child prefers to use a spoon?

To use the pipette: position the end of the pipette against the inside of the cheek then push lightly on the plunger. To be given in the sitting position. The pipette is graduated and allows for easy dispensing and use.

If you prefer to use a spoon, you should know that a teaspoon is equivalent to 5 ml.

After opening, should Arkokids® Organic syrups be kept in the refrigerator?

It is advised to keep the product in the refrigerator after opening.

How long can I keep the product after opening?

It is advised to consume the product within 30 days after opening.



1 In compliance with the current legislation on organic production methods.