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Forcapil® Keratin + receives the "2020-2021 Beauty Victories" award

Forcapil® Keratin + receives
the "2020-2021 Beauty Victories" award


For the second time, a product from the Forcapil® range has won a ‘Beauty Victories*’ award. After having seduced its charming ambassador, Iris MITTENAERE, it is our new Forcapil® KERATIN + which is awarded the 2020-2021 trophy.


Forcapil® KERATIN +: tested and approved by a jury of 70 consumers!

Obtaining a "Beauty Victories" award is subject to the successful completion of a Quality Examination® that seeks the opinion of a jury of consumers. In the end, the products selected are those that meet consumers' expectations and their requirements.

Our new Forcapil® KERATINE+ was tested by a jury of 70 consumers. After 3 months of testing, the interest and use of our product was approved by this jury. It is, therefore, a direct expression of the quality of our product.

Since 1997, the "Beauty Victories" have provided a new perspective to the quality of health / cosmetic products, by appealing to consumers' critical judgement to differentiate products, evaluated following tests in real life situations.

Forcapil® KERATIN +: a unique formula for optimal resistance for Hair and Nails!

The unique and innovative formula of Forcapil® KERATINE+ developed by our scientists, combines ingredients with properties recognized for hair beauty, in particular a French bio-assimilable keratin, patented** and produced in France.

This new formula favours resistance, vitality and volume of hair. It contains in particular keratin, a major constituent of hair and nails, composed of 17 free amino acids.

Forcapil® KERATINE+ also contains 2 sulphur-containing amino acids: cystine and methionine, which are part of the main constituents of keratinized tissue.

*Monadia study: product test carried out by a jury of 70 consumers at their homes from February to May 2020 -

** Patent no. FR1770921.