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Arkorelax® - A good night's sleep has never been so natural

A good night's sleep
has never been
so natural


Arkorelax® Sommeil Fort 8H :
Your daily ally

8H de sommeil

Immediate and prolonged

reveil sans somnolance

Wake up without

sans titane

Titanium dioxide

*In accordance with the regulations in force

Arkorelax® Sommeil Fort 8H:
Sleep well, without dependency!

« At Arkopharma, we know that everyday ailments can be relieved with health products that are more in tune with the body's natural physiology. »

Arkorelax® Sommeil Fort 8H acts according to the principles of chronobiology. An action during 8 hours thanks to a double-layer tablet that delivers the optimal dose of melatonin and relaxing plants, in a double release. A solution without dependence and without drowsiness on waking.

Chronoliberation of active ingredients

Double release of melatonin and plants, carefully selected for their relaxing properties.

1.9 mg melatonin

Known as the « sleep hormone », melatonin regulates our internal body clock by triggering sleep.

Highly concentrated plants

Plants known for their relaxing and calming properties such as Passiflora and Valerian.

76% satisfaction

Real-life observational study conducted in 2018.

A cup of tea and then go to bed!
Yes, Granny...

With Arkorelax®, sleep well, without addiction. Arkorelax® releases 1.9 mg of melatonin and highly dosed plants throughout the night, for a restful sleep.

Arkorelax®, a complete range to stay calm day and night!

Because modern society sometimes imposes too fast a pace and too much change, it is difficult to remain calm and to control stress, which can degrade the quality of sleep.

With this in mind, the experts at Arkopharma Laboratories have developed a specific range: Arkorelax®, solutions for good sleep and/or stress reduction, based on plants, vitemins and melatonin.

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Arkorelax® :
Discover the full range

The philosophy of naturalness, the respect of fundamental ethical principles and the constant search for the best quality for our products, is the major concern of Arkopharma Laboratories.

This is reflected in the Arkorelax® product range.

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