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Arkofluides® Organic

A 100% French and Organic range

Arkofluides®, an expert brand on the liquid phytotherapie, market, offers combinations of organically farmed plants1 packaged in drinkable ampoules Arkofluids ® guarantees high quality formulas, free from sweeteners, preservatives, alcohol, colouring agents and artificial flavourings2

Arkofluides®, 100% manufactured in France

Created to support you every day and offer you the best of nature for your wellbeing, the 16 products in the Arkofluids ® range are entirely manufactured in France using the ULTRAextract ® plant extraction process.

une fabrication 100% française

To integrate this new technology into their production site located in Carros in the Maritime Alps, Arkopharma laboratories have invested in new high performance equipment at the cutting edge of technology. This new production equipment was also manufactured by a French company, ensuring the benefits and added value of French
know how.

French manufacture provides real guarantees, both from a “ point of view (know how, compliance with regulatory requirements, etc and from a “societal and environmental” point of view (providing local jobs, upholding working conditions, respect for the environment, etc.

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Arkofluides®, ®, high quality and strictly controlled plants

The quality of raw materials is essential for Arkopharma laboratories It is essential if we are to offer high-quality products for your health.

The Arkofluids ® range is made using organically farmed plants 1 that have been certified by ECOCERT This guarantees conformity with European regulations on organic production methods.

Collaboration with plant growers allows us to harvest the plants at perfect maturity while complying with strict specifications and guarantees of quality and traceability.

Once the plant has been identified, its quality is verified in line with a set of specifications defined and adapted to the raw material botanical and physico chemical identification, search for foreign bodies, etc These controls are monitored by more than 60 employees all working toward a common goal guaranteeing safe and high quality products.

To ensure perfect product quality and safety, Arkopharma’s entire production site meets the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard for food supplements and good manufacturing practices (GMP) for medicines.

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The ORGANIC heart of Arkofluids®

Our Arkofluids® are rigorously certified by ECOCERT, an independent inspection body approved by the public authorities. This guarantees conformity with European regulations in force regarding organic production methods.

These regulations enforce the basic principles and rules of organic farming:

Organic Agriculture
  • a sustainable agricultural management system,
  • respect for natural balances and biodiversity,
  • high-quality products that are not harmful to the environment or the health and well-being of humans, plants and animals.

With its focus on soil preservation, natural resources, the environment and the maintenance of farmers, organic farming is often considered as the driving force behind sustainable agriculture.

Organic farming guarantees a production method that is more respectful of people and nature.

1 In compliance with European regulations in force regarding organic production methods.