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Expert Skin

Last publication: 19/03/2014

Skin Beauty

Expertise in Skin Beauty

Expert Skin range:

Is a full range of food supplement for people who wish to improve the skin quality and beauty, from the inside out.

Expert Skin Moisturising:

Contains a concentrate of natural ingredients for people wishing to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity.

Expert Skin Youthful Skin:

Thanks to Hyaluronic Acid, helps the skin to improve its elasticity and beauty.

Expert Skin Collagen:

Collagen 5000mg and Hyaluronic Acid  in single doses.

Expert Skin Resveratrol +:

Japanese knotweed and red grape extracts have an antioxidant action that helps combat skin oxidative stress and  the production of free radicals due to sun exposure, at the origin of skin ageing.

Expert Skin Pearl