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Last publication: 13/03/2013

Cough & Cold /Energy

Royal Jelly & beehive products

Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis are natural substances produced by bees. Royal Jelly enables the queen to live up to 40 times longer than other bees.

Arkopharma laboratories have combined research and innovation to put these benefits to good use in their extensive product range, which includes capsules, pastilles, syrups and sprays, etc.

Depending on the country, many organic products are available, produced using organic agriculture and with the Ecocert certificate.

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Winter will be mild !

The benefits of beehive products

Winter will be mild !

When one speaks of beehive products it is honey that immediately springs to mind. Honey is a natural, complex and complete product that has a number of advantages.
As well as a food and condiment, honey was used by the Egyptians to enrich the skin and embalm the deads. Other beehive products are less well known than honey : Royal Jelly, propolis | More...