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Winter will be mild !

Last publication: 11/02/2013

The benefits of beehive products

When one speaks of beehive products it is honey that immediately springs to mind. Honey is a natural, complex and complete product that has a number of advantages.

As well as a food and condiment, honey was used by the Egyptians to enrich the skin and embalm the deads. Other beehive products are less well known than honey : Royal Jelly, propolis and pollen.

A Focus on Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a true treasure of vital elements that can strengthen our body natural defences.

Royal Jelly is secreted by the cephalic glandular system of worker bees.

It makes up the exclusive nourishment of:

  • all colony larvae up to the third day of their existence,
  • larvae chosen to become queens up to the fifth day of their existence,
  • the queen of the colony for her entire existence period.

How is it consumed?

In its pure form or freeze-dried, it is also found in bottle or phial form. An “organic” certification is an indication of quality

It is advised during winter or in periods of convalescence.

A Focus on Propolis

Propolis is a natural substance. Propolis is a complex made by bees from their secretions and from a series of substances collected from certain botanical sources. Bees use it in the beehive as a biological barrier and insulating material.

How is it consumed?

It comes in various forms: syrups, lozenges...


Bees use propolis in the beehive as a biological barrier against bacteria

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