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Healing with plants

Last publication: 28/08/2014

The best of nature

The efficiency of herbal medicines essentially relies on the choice of plants which enter their composition. Thanks to the phyto-chemists, we know what are the most interesting species within the same family.

We know how to determine exactly the ideal picking date. We can define the most favorable conditions of culture, the best region, the best ground, the best exposure. We know with the highest precision the most active part of plant to choose. This selection of plants is made on rigorous scientific bases. Such is modern herbal medicine.

100% plant origin

In 1997, ARKOPHARMA launched the first range of products 100 % of vegetable origin, so confirming its leader's rank in herbal medicine: this year, the traditional gelatin used for the capsules envelope is replaced by a natural substitute of vegetable origin: a cellulose by-product. Cellulose surrounds and protects all plants cells. The 100 % vegetable origin capsule is totally natural and does not contain either gluten, or preservative.

The other medicine

We often set "classic" "chemical" medicine against herbal medicine. There is nevertheless a place for each of them in the therapeutic arsenal that we have today. It is true that the "classic" pharmacy occupied during almost a century the center stage thanks to its excellent results in numerous domains. Yet, little by little unwanted side effects appeared which incite us now to be cautious.

"Health" medicines derived from herbal medicine, offer long term treatments whose gentle action will help you to prevent diseases and treat chronic problems such as, degenerative osteoarthritis or insomnia. For this, herbal medicine acts in depth, in a non-harmful way for the body and stimulates its good reactions. As a result: a more effective, long-lasting action and above all, without side effects.

The success of herbal medicine

Our time is deeply marked by the search for a healthier life, a return to nature and essential values.

Thanks to its gentle and in depth action, herbal medicine appears as the ideal response to the "diseases of the century" which characterize our societies, such as stress, loss of sleep or weight gain.

The success of the herbal medicine is also understandable by the level of technical and scientific control which we have reached now in this domain. Agronomy, chemistry and pharmacology allowed thanks to its progress to finalize safer, more effective, more adapted therapeutic and galenic forms.

Thanks to their gentle actions herbal medicines are your everyday allies. Children and parents can enjoy the benefits of herbal medicine. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your pharmacist. As a qualified professional, he/she will know how to guide you in your choices.

A recognized science

in 1986 herbal medicine was officially recognized in France by the Ministry of Health as a full medicine. Indisputable proof of their efficiency, medicines recommended in herbal medicine are all titrated in active ingredients, which means they contain active ingredients in a more or less high concentration, but always known.



The best of nature

Our time is deeply marked by the search for a healthier life, a return to nature and essential values.