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Calculate your BMI

Last publication: 14/01/2015

Body Mass Index is used to determine your healthy weight. It tells you whether your weight in relation to your height is a health risk.

If you are overweight or underweight, the longer you remain to be so the more likely it is that health problems will increase.

BMI is a reliable measurement for adults from the age of 18 and taller than 140 cm. It cannot be applied in any way to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Moreover, BMI calculations are not reliable for athletes or for those involved in regular physical training, as it develops a higher muscle mass compared to fat mass, the weight of which affects the total weight of a person. BMI does not therefore take into consideration the body composition of individuals (muscle mass, bone structure).

It simply evaluates the risk of developing health problems linked to weight. However, consulting a doctor or nutritionist is highly recommended in order to fully understand the result or for more information about your state of health.

This table is a reference for interpreting your BMI. Please take a look at the different weight categories listed below. Once you have calculated your BMI, a gauge will appear which will allow you to determine the category you belong to. Please enter the necessary data and calculate your BMI.

Body Mass Index

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Consulting a doctor or nutritionist is highly recommended in order to fully understand the result.

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